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Blue Jays 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 3/13/2023 / First Published 2/27/2023
2023 Toronto Blue Jays Tickets

For the second year in a row, the Blue Jays won more than 90 games. The exciting young team won a wild card spot and - despite a meltdown in the playoffs - had a successful season overall.

Fans in Toronto responded to the success, as the Jays ranked 8th in attendance, and Blue Jays tickets ranked as the 10th most popular MLB ticket on last year.

Management added a number of key veterans to the roster in hopes that it will be enough to surpass the Yankees at the top of the division. If that's the case, interest in Blue Jays tickets will surge in 2023.

Where to Buy Blue Jays Tickets

Season Tickets

Season tickets for the Blue Jays are available at

Available locations include a limited selection in the lower bowl and seats in the 200s and 500s. Other premium locations are sold out.

Single-Game Tickets

Blue Jays tickets for the 2023 season are currently on sale at

Tickets for all 81 home games are also available at You can use the Rogers Centre interactive seating chart to search, compare and buy more than 50,000 ticket listings across multiple games.

Group Tickets and Packages

The Blue Jays offer ticket packs as an alternative to season tickets for fans who don't want to purchase 81 games.

These packs come in different game denominations, and the larger the ticket pack, the greater the savings. The largest plans also come with 2023 post-season ticket access.

For groups of 12 or more, the team offers group seats. These are ideal for family gatherings, corporate outings and social get-togethers.

The most popular spaces for groups include the WestJet Flight Deck, Bacardi Bar and Blue Bar.

How Much are Blue Jays Tickets?

Blue Jays tickets pricing week of March 13 2023

2023 Ticket Prices

The Blue Jays did not make any formal announcements regarding ticket price changes.

On the secondary market, prices through the first two months of the year are similar to prices at the same point last year.

Ticket prices did rise as the 2022 season wore on - a testament to the team's strong play. If Toronto's success continues, we expect Jays ticket prices to rise throughout 2023 as well.

Cheap Blue Jays Tickets

The cheapest Jays tickets are primarily early in the season, against poor teams, and during the week.

Of the team's first 12 games, 9 have a get-in price of less than $20 (USD). Of the last 69 games, only 13 meet this criterion (prices as of February).

Most teams have a dozen or more afternoon games on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This allows teams to more easily travel. These tend to be the cheapest games of the season, but the Jays only have four such contests in 2023.

Key Series in 2023

After two consecutive seasons of more than 90 wins, the Blue Jays have established themselves as a force in the American League. Every series they play in 2023 will be critical for their chances of returning to the playoffs.

One bright spot for the Jays is that they'll see less of the ultra-competitive A.L. East. Instead of playing more than 30 home games within their own division, they'll get to play lower-tier N.L. teams like the Nationals and Diamondbacks.

Here are the hottest Blue Jays matchups and tickets for 2023:

Braves vs. Blue Jays - May 12-14

The Braves visit the Blue Jays over Mother's Day weekend in what should be a good early-season test.

Both teams made the playoffs last year, and have high expectations in 2023.

Astros vs. Blue Jays - Jun 5-8

If the Blue Jays are taking the next big step towards being a championship team, they can prove it in this series against the Astros.

These games are happening during the week, which should help keep prices down.

Cubs vs. Blue Jays - Aug 11-13

The Cubs visit Toronto for a weekend series in mid-August.

This is one of the last chances of the summer to catch a ballgame before the kids head back to school. Big crowds are expected for all three games.

Yankees vs. Blue Jays - Sep 26-28

The final three regular season series at Rogers Centre are against A.L. East opponents.

In between the Red Sox and Rays come the Yankees. Because it is a mid-week series, prices are relatively affordable. However, if these games end up deciding the division, expect prices to rise.

Best Ticket Options at Rogers Centre

The best tickets for a Blue Jays game are In the Action Seats near home plate and the infield. These are all-inclusive experiences, and tickets typically cost $400 (USD) or more. For games against the Yankees, we've even seen prices exceeding $1,000.

Other top options include the Clubhouse Seats and Score Bet Seats. The Clubhouse is located on the second level behind home plate and is highly regarded for its comfortable views. Tickets in those seats are far cheaper than the Action seats.

The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Mar. 13, 2023) and a link to explore seats.

Cheaper Options

The cheapest tickets for a Blue Jays game are always in the 500 Level. For most games, you can get a ticket in the upper deck for $20 (USD) or less.

For fans who wish to sit a bit closer, consider sections on the 200 Level near the outfield. Some of these areas have surprisingly good angles to the field, and are much cheaper than Field Level seats.

2023 Changes at Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is under-going some significant changes for the 2023 season.

The outfield walls will be noticeably different than in years past. Their shape and depth are changing to create new dimensions and space for new social areas.

In the 500 Level, seats are being widened. The result will be a more comfortable experience and 4,000 fewer seats.

Best 2023 Blue Jays Giveaways & Promos

There are three bobblehead giveaways and three jersey giveaways on the 2023 Jays schedule. Three of the games are in April, and all items are limited to the first 15,000 fans in attendance.

Some of the best promotional games of the year include: