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Mets 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 9/25/2023 / First Published 3/6/2023
2023 New York Mets Tickets

The 2022 Mets season was an exciting surprise for fans in New York. The team exceeded all expectations en route to 101 wins and a spot in the playoffs.

Ticket interest in 2022 followed the team's arc. Popularity of Mets tickets started the season ranked 10th on, and slowly climbed to peak at #2 in September.

With a number of new faces and another big year on the horizon, expect interest in 2023 Mets tickets to be as high as ever.

Where to Buy Mets Tickets

Season Tickets

Mets season tickets for the 2023 season are available through the team's website.

Buying a full-season package is the best way to get discounted tickets and have the same seats for all home games.

Single-Game Tickets

Mets single-game tickets are currently on sale at

Tickets for all games are also for sale at We recommend starting your search on the Citi Field seating chart where you can see every ticket listing for every game all at once.

Group Tickets and Packages

While investing in tickets for all 81 home games is a bit much for most, the Mets offer a few smaller multi-game memberships. These include a half-season package and 20-game plans.

Each plan or package is centered around a specific theme (e.g.: Saturday games).

Party sizes of 15 or more are considered groups at Citi Field. With this many guests you can enjoy discounted tickets and other pre-game and in-game perks.

How Much are Mets Tickets?

Mets tickets pricing week of September 25 2023

2023 Ticket Prices

The Mets did not make any ticket price announcements for the 2023 season. Expect the face value on tickets to be similar to 2022.

While face values did not change, prices on the secondary market have increased.

Prior to the start of the 2022 season, Mets tickets were among the 10-cheapest MLB tickets on Through the first two months of 2023, they're the second most expensive.

The increase in secondary ticket prices is due to increased demand after the team's successful 2022 season.

Cheap Mets Tickets

Although the average get-in price for Mets tickets has increased, there are still a number of games with cheap tickets.

As of February, exactly 1/3 of games on the 2023 schedule have a get-in price of less than $10.

There are even games against the Nationals and Rays at the beginning of the season where you can buy tickets for less than $5.

Key Series in 2023

Major League Baseball decided to expand interleague play for the 2023 season. As a result, the Mets will play fewer games against teams in their own division.

In years past, the Phillies and Braves would have made three trips to Queens. Instead, they'll make two apiece. The result will be more important and more intense divisional games.

The rest of the schedule is a mix of 18 non-N.L. East teams, including eight from all divisions of the American League.

Here are the hottest Mets matchups and tickets for 2023:

Yankees vs. Mets - Jun 13-14

As of February, the get-in prices for the Yankees/Mets series are 2.5 times higher than any other Mets series in 2023.

It doesn't matter that these games are being played during the week - the intra-city rivalry is as alive as ever.

Dodgers vs. Mets - Jul 14-16

The Mets return from the All-Star break with a weekend series against the Dodgers.

As of February, the Saturday night game is the most expensive weekend game of the 2023 season.

Rangers vs. Mets - Aug 28-30

The Rangers aren't expected to be very competitive in 2023, so why is this a big series?

It all rests on the arm of Jacob deGrom. If he pitches in one of the games in this series, expect a sell-out and a warm ovation from the Mets faithful.

Phillies vs. Mets - Sep 29 - Oct 1

Both of these teams hope they're in a position in September to wrestle the division away from the Braves.

As far as playoff implications go, this series could be huge. And the fact that it's being played over a weekend makes these games even that much more desirable.

Best Ticket Options at Citi Field

Citi Field has no shortage of club locations throughout the stadium. However, sections 11-19 stand out due to their location and amenities.

This group of sections contains two different club designations: Clover Club and Delta Silver seats. Tickets to both provide best-in-class comfort and access to exclusive clubs.

If the elite clubs are out of reach, check out the Excelsior seats with great views from an elevated level.

The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Sep. 25, 2023) and a link to explore seats.

Cheaper Options

The cheap seats at Citi Field are also known as the "nose bleeds". Tickets on the Promenade Level are high and far from the action on the field.

Of course, the good news about these seats is the low price. Oftentimes, depending on the quality of the team, tickets can be found cheaper than the price of beer.

Fans that do not wish to be high up can also find cheap options in the outfield corners.

2023 Changes at Citi Field

Those who like the home run may be a little happier at Citi Field this year. This is because the wall was moved in 8.5ft for a new seating and fan experience area.

Other changes fans may notice are new video boards in the outfield.

Best 2023 Mets Giveaways & Promos

The Mets are offering a number of giveaways in 2023. Among these are jerseys, bobbleheads, hats and more.

Most giveaways are limited to the first 15,000 fans and occur during the summer.

Some of the best promotional games of the year include: