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Royals 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 9/25/2023 / First Published 2/22/2023
2023 Kansas City Royals Tickets

On paper, the 2022 season for the Royals was not that much different from their division foe, the Tigers. Both teams lost more than 95 games and weren't very competitive within the division.

Despite the similarities, there's a lot more optimism in Kansas City than in Detroit. The Royals got a tremendous year out of #1 prospect Bobby Witt Jr., and are hopeful his development continues.

As of February, Royals tickets are the 26th (of 30) most popular MLB ticket on RateYourSeats.com. If the young team improves in 2023, we'd expect that ranking to climb.

Where to Buy Royals Tickets

Season Tickets

Royals season tickets are currently on sale on the team's website. With full season tickets you'll enjoy discounted seats, merchandise and food savings and additional benefits.

Single-Game Tickets

Royals single-game tickets went on sale through the box office on February 3rd.

Tickets for all home games are also available at RateYourSeats.com. The Kauffman Stadium interactive seating chart allows you to compare and buy more than 30,000 Royals tickets for the 2023 season.

Group Tickets and Packages

The Royals have one of the widest offerings when it comes to multi-game packages. Some of these ticket plans have a set number of games, while others allow more flexibility.

Most ticket plans award fans with season ticketholder benefits, including stadium discounts, private event opportunities and additional ticket opportunities.

For groups attending Kauffman Stadium, the Royals offer discounted tickets and a variety of options. Hospitality areas range from the upscale Suites and Diamond Club all the way to a traditional bbq tailgate in the outfield plaza.

How Much are Royals Tickets?

Royals tickets pricing week of September 25 2023

2023 Ticket Prices

The Royals did not make any official announcements regarding ticket prices for the 2023 season.

Royals tickets remain among the most affordable MLB tickets on the secondary market. For most of the 2022 season, tickets ranked as one of the three cheapest options in the league.

Through the first two months of 2023, Royals tickets are the fourth cheapest MLB ticket on RateYourSeats.com.

Cheap Royals Tickets

The cheapest games on the Royals schedule are usually against the A.L. Central, during the week or early in the season. Ticket prices tend to rise when the weather gets better and when the Royals are playing more popular teams.

Another option is to specifically seek out afternoon games during the week. The Royals have 10 games scheduled at 1:10 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These are great options for taking kids and saving money.

If attending one of these afternoon games in the summer, you may want to review shaded seats at Kauffman Stadium.

Key Series in 2023

The Royals have seen plenty of the American League Central over the years. This year they'll get a little break and play more games against the N.L. and fewer against their own division.

Eight National League ballclubs come to Kansas City, including four teams that made the playoffs last year.

Here are the hottest Royals matchups and tickets for 2023:

Dodgers vs. Royals - Jun 30 - Jul 2

One of the league's most popular teams comes to town over a holiday weekend.

Expect big crowds for the series against the Dodgers - especially for the Saturday and Sunday games.

Cardinals vs. Royals - Aug 11-12

The Royals don't have any natural rivalries in their own division, but they do have one down I-70.

Expect a lot of red shirts in the crowd for this series, as it's being held over a weekend. Cardinals fans will gladly make the 4-hour trip west to see their in-state rivals.

Astros vs. Royals - Sep 15-17

Both premier A.L. teams - the Astros and Yankees - visit the Royals on a weekend in late September.

While the Yankees get most of the fanfare, you can save some money and still see a great baseball team by attending the Houston series instead.

Best Ticket Options at Kauffman Stadium

The best Royals tickets are the Crown Club Seats behind home plate. These numbered sections are the closest seats and come with upscale amenities. Because these tickets are so rarely available for sale, they come with a big price tag. It's not uncommon to see tickets listed for $500 or more.

Directly behind the Crown Club are the Diamond Club. Tickets here aren't as exclusive - but they're also not as costly. You can usually find tickets for $100 or less - though prices for big games and weekends are usually higher.

The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Sep. 25, 2023) and a link to explore seats.

Cheaper Options

When looking for cheaper Royals tickets, there are two primary options.

On the lower level, sections in right field are usually the most affordable. This includes sections 146-152, which are usually the cheapest seats among the 100s. Just be aware that these are some of the sunniest seats.

The upper deck at Kauffman Stadium is known as the View Level. This is an enormous area, with some sections having more than 40 rows. Fortunately, you don't need to sit that high to get a good deal. You can often find tickets in the first few rows of the View Level for $25 or less.

2023 Changes at Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium isn't undergoing any significant renovations for the 2023 season.

There is some chatter about a new downtown ballpark, but those decisions are still years away.

Best 2023 Royals Giveaways & Promos

The Royals have one of the more generous giveaway programs listed for the 2023 season. There are 18 games on the calendar where fans will receive a bobblehead, hat, jersey or another souvenir.

Giveaway games are mostly in the summer, and most items are available in limited quantities (e.g.: first 10,000 fans).