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Brewers 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 11/27/2023 / First Published 2/22/2023
2023 Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

The Brewers were expected to have a big season in 2022 but couldn't live up to the hype. Before the season began, Brewers tickets were the 14th most popular MLB ticket on In September, they slipped to the 27th most-popular ticket.

Expectations for the 2023 season are mixed. The team didn't add much to the roster, but the division doesn't have the juggernauts of the N.L. East or West - so there is optimism for a post-season run. Brewers ticket interest for 2023 is lukewarm, but it will increase if the team plays well.

Where to Buy Brewers Tickets

Season Tickets

Brewers season tickets are available through the team's box office.

A full-season package comes with more than just game tickets. Members get access to private events, accrue rewards and have priority for post-season tickets.

Single-Game Tickets

Brewers single-game tickets went on sale on February 25th.

Tickets for all games at American Family Field are also for sale at Use the Brewers seating chart to compare tickets for every home game all at once. This makes it easier to compare seats and purchase the best deal.

Group Tickets and Packages

For Brewers fans who can't commit to a full 81-game ticket plan, there are other options available. The team offers multi-game plans and flex packs that include as few as four games.

When purchasing a multi-game plan, buyers enjoy discounted tickets and some of the perks awarded to full-season ticketholders.

Group tickets are also a popular item at American Family Field. There are more than a half-dozen spaces in the ballpark that can accommodate 25-250 guests. The most popular areas include the Party Deck, Legends Club and Brew Room.

Outside the stadium, it wouldn't be Milwaukee baseball without some tailgating. The team can also help organize these outings for groups of all sizes.

How Much are Brewers Tickets?

Brewers tickets pricing week of October 10 2023

2023 Ticket Prices

The Brewers did not make any announcements regarding ticket price changes for this season. Expect face values to remain similar to last year.

On the secondary market, ticket prices usually remain affordable at the beginning of the season and then increase in the summer. Last year, Brewers tickets were one of the 10 most affordable tickets in the league through three months. But in July and August, they were one of the 10 most expensive tickets (prices dipped again in September).

If the team plays up to its potential this year and stays in contention, we'd expect 2023 Brewers tickets to be more expensive than last year.

Cheap Brewers Tickets

If you're looking for cheap Brewers tickets, you'll find good value in games happening early in the season and during the week.

The series against the Tigers in late April is easily the cheapest of the season. And unlike in other stadiums without a roof, the weather won't be an issue.

Another opportunity for cheaper tickets is afternoon games. The Brewers have seven 1:10 pm starts on a Wednesday or Thursday. Besides a game against the Cubs, each of these games is priced inexpensively.

Key Series in 2023

The Brewers will welcome 22 teams to Milwaukee in 2023. This includes every National League team and eight American League teams.

Among the American League highlights are games against old geographic rivals (Twins/Tigers) and a date with the defending champion Astros.

Here are the hottest Brewers matchups and tickets for 2023:

Mets vs. Brewers - Apr 3-5

The Brewers open their home schedule with a difficult matchup against the Mets and their talented pitching staff.

In fact, the first weeks of games at American Family Field in 2023 look pretty challenging. If the Brewers can survive their early schedule, they can set themselves up for a surprising season.

Astros vs. Brewers - May 22-24

It wasn't that long ago that the Astros and Brewers were both in the N.L. Central. Nowadays, their only matchups come in interleague play.

With cross-league play expanded, the defending champion Astros will make more frequent visits to Milwaukee. This visit comes during the week, and tickets are relatively affordable (as of February).

Cubs vs. Brewers - Jul 3-6

The Cubs will only make two trips up I-94 this year. The first occurrence is a 4th of July series that spans four games.

With Independence Day on a Tuesday, the holiday schedule is a bit awkward this year. Nevertheless, expect the same raucous atmosphere as this series has seen in years past.

    Cardinals vs. Brewers - Sep 26-28

    The Brewers have one more home series after this one. But this is the one that's more likely to have playoff implications.

    The Brewers and the Cardinals have won the division in four of the last five years, and this series could well decide this year's winner.

    Best Ticket Options at American Family Field

    American Family Field does not have a lot of bells and whistles like some of the newly built stadiums in the league. However, fans looking for the best tickets to a Brewers game will find them close to the field in sections 112-124 -especially rows 1-8. Tickets here give fans close views of the players and the game on the field.

    Additionally, many fans enjoy the club level for its small sections and extra amenities.

    The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Nov. 27, 2023) and a link to explore seats.

    Cheaper Options

    Depending on how the Brewers are playing can change how cheap tickets are. For most games, the cheap seats are in the terrace-level outfield sections in the upper deck and corners. The tradeoff for the low price is poor angles and far views of the game.

    Sections 441 and 442 in this location are considered Bernie's Terrace and are inexpensive tickets for families near the mascot's hangout spot.

    2023 Changes at American Family Field

    There were no changes to American Family Field in the offseason in preparation for 2023. However, discussions about updating the stadium should be picking up in the coming years.

    Best 2023 Brewers Giveaways & Promos

    The Brewers have a strong promotional lineup scheduled for the 2023 season. Some highlights include Giannis Antetokounmpo jersey, a Brew Crew beach towel, and a Brewers fleece vest.

    In addition to the giveaways, Sundays are a great day to bring the kids. All kids 14 and under can run the bases after the game at American Family Field.