Shaded Seats at Kauffman Stadium

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

Especially in the summertime, Kansas City is well known for its heat. Look no further than in 2014 when the temperature on the field (turf) at UMKC's Durwood Stadium reached 159 degrees. Yes, almost 160 degrees. While it's unlikely to be that hot on the grass surface of Kauffman Stadium, if you don't choose the right seats for an early afternoon game, it sure might feel like it.

Select seats on all three levels of Kauffman Stadium are covered and will be shaded when the sun is overhead for a 1:10 game. Among these are the back rows of the 200 level in fair territory and the back rows of sections 409-431. On the 300 level you don't need to be so selective as all seats are substantially covered and well-shaded.

Best Shaded Seats For a 1:10 First Pitch

Shaded seats in the loge level
Even on the hottest and sunniest days, loge level seats between the upper deck and lower level are kept cool by a generous overhang

Among seats that are shaded for an early afternoon start, the best of the bunch are the loge seats in sections 301-325. In addition to being much cooler than the rest of the ballpark, these sections are the smallest, making it easy to get to and from the concourse and with its ice cold beers and refreshing waters.

Avoid 100 Level Seats When the Heat Is On

While it may be tempting to purchase tickets near the field in the lowest seating bowl, these seats aren't worth the price tag if you want to stay out of the sun. All 100 level sections are exposed to the sun until at least 3:00, when some seats on the third base side will start to see relief.

Other areas to avoid include the edges of the upper deck (401-408 and 432-439) where the roof does not reach and all seats in the outfield.

Shaded Seating for Events After 3:00

The Royals are one of a few teams who seem to avoid being able to play 3:00 home games in the summer. But on the rare occasion when one is scheduled, these often become unbearably hot contests for fans in the seats. When buying tickets to these games, first focus your search on the third base side of the field. The sun eventually ends up behind these sections and these seats will see the earliest and most abundant shade. Sections 209-225, all loge level seats and the upper half of most 400 level sections are well protected after 3:00.

Inexpensive and Decent Shaded Seats

Finding cheap Royals tickets in the shade for any game time isn't too difficult. The least expensive seats in the stadium are in the highest reaches of the 400 level where the roof protects add-numbered sections 409-431. Unfortunately, these seats also come with the longest walk up the stairs and farthest views to the field.

If you're looking for something a little better than the last row but still want to be shaded for a late afternoon game, consider rows M-V in sections 409-427. You won't be at the front of the upper deck but you'll have the fewest number of stairs to the concourse tunnel, you'll be safely in the shade after 3:00 and the view is far superior to those in double-letter rows.

Avoid All Seats in Right Field

Sunny right field seats at the K
Even when the rest of Kauffman Stadium begins to see relief, seats in right field will continue to be directly in the sun's path well into the evening

As the sun moves behind sections 409-413, it will shine directly on sections in the right-field corner. Sections 247-252 and 147-152 get the worst of it and will be some of the hottest seats in the stadium from 3:00-7:00. Even sections that are typically out of the sun for 1:00 games are susceptible to being battered by the heat of the sun. Avoid that corner of the stadium altogether and return to the third base side of the field, where even seats that aren't covered at 3:00 will eventually see relief in the later afternoon.

Covered Seats at Kauffman Stadium

When attending a game at Kauffman Stadium, knowing which seats offer coverage from the elements is helpful. While there is no cover in the outfield or the 100 level, there are several areas where you can find sheltered seating. Here's a breakdown of the covered seating options at Kauffman Stadium:

  • Club Level: The entire Club Level at Kauffman Stadium is covered. This means that regardless of the specific section or row, if you have a ticket for the Club Level, you can enjoy the game in a covered area.
  • 200 Level Infield (214-241): Rows LL and above in the 200 Level Infield sections (214-241) provide coverage. You'll be shielded from rain if you're seated in these sections and rows.
  • 200 Level Corners (209-213 and 242-246): Rows NN and above in the corners of the 200-level offer coverage.
  • 400 Level (409-431): Rows MM and above in the 400 level around the infield are covered by a roof overhang. While these seats are further away from the field, they will be protected from bad weather.