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  • Rows in Section 419 are labeled 5-9

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    • Upper Reserved


      The highest seating tier at Wrigley Field are the Upper Reserved sections which includes all 400 sections labeled 403-431. Each section is made up of nine steep rows that sit above the Upper Boxes on the 300 level. Sections are split up into two main groupings.  The Upper Reserved Infield is sections 409-426. Like the name suggests, seats here will have elevated views over the infield. While not the most desirable seats in the stadium, they are more desirable than the other group of seats called the Upper Reserved Outfield in sections 403-408 and 427-431.  Important Seating Information All Upper Reserved sections have poles that create obstructed views for fans in these seats. Obstructions vary by seat, but when purchasing tickets in these seats it should be assumed that a pole will be blocking some area on the field.  The only unobstructed row is Row 1, but these seats are just above the upper level's walkway where fans passing by can be a distraction. The good thing about the poles is they support the roof overhead which provides outstanding shade and cover to keep fans protected. The "L" and "R" designate the side of the field the section is located on. Fans should go up the ramps on the designated side of the field for easier access to their seats. 

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Kids and Family


      Quick access to nearby concessions and restrooms. Good overhead coverage and shade for summer day games. Be sure to avoid seats close to the aisles as you may have obstructed views

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    • "Good View of All the Field"

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