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Field Box seats at Wrigley Field make up the middle portion of lower level seats at Wrigley Field. When looking at the seating chart, Field Box sections are 100-numbered sections between the Club Box seats (3-32) and 200-numbered Terrace Level.

Tickets in this location are broken down into three areas:

  • Field Box Home Plate: Sections 112-122
  • Field Box Infield: Sections 109-111 and 123-126
  • Field Box Outfield: Sections 101-108 and 127-134

Most sections will have 15 rows of seats, putting all fans within 30 rows of the field with a slight elevation. Tunnels are accessible from the top and bottom of the sections making it easy to get in and out of regardless of the row.

For a Cubs Game

Most fans enjoy good views of the pitchers mound and batters box which would make the Field Box Home Plate the most desirable seats in this location.

Those wanting to be near the dugouts should look at the sections that are a part of the Field Box Infield. The Cubs will be on the third base side with the visiting team occupying the first base dugout.

Field Box Outfield sections are usually the least expensive Field Box option due to their distance from home plate. For some, being close to the field is desirable. From our experience, we suggest comparing with Home Plate or Infield Terrace Box sections.

When Buying for a Concert

Field Box Infield sections will provide the clearest views to the stage for concerts at Wrigley. These sections will provide enough of an angle to avoid the sound booth and mix tents that are typically set up centered to the stage.

Avoid getting tickets toward the end of the Field Box Outfield. As you move closer toward the foul poles the views to the stage become severely angled and it becomes harder to see parts of the show that are further back on the stage.

Another important note for concerts is you will be looking through the protective netting that is in place for baseball games. For most fans this is not an issue, but for those looking to avoid the net Field Seats or Upper Box sections are the best options.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs - Sep 4, 2023"

      (Section 126) -
    • "Good Seats on the Visitor Side"

      (Section 126) - -

      Excellent spot on the first base side of the field. Great views of the infield and outfield. Our seats were also on the aisle so it was super simple to run down the tunnel where the men's bathroom and plenty of concessions were.

    • "Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs - Apr 21, 2023"

      (Section 110) -

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