Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Seating Charts

Seating Charts for Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field hosts a number of different events, including Cubs games and concerts. These events each have a different seating chart. Select one of the maps to explore an interactive seating chart of Wrigley Field.

Interactive Seating Charts

Wrigley Field Seating Chart With Row Numbers

Wrigley Field seating chart with row numbers

Wrigley Field Seat Numbers

Seat Numbers at Wrigley Field go from left-to right. When seated looking at the field, the lowest number (typically seat 1) will be on the far right of the section.

Lower level infield seat sections are typically much larger than the upper level reserved sections above them. Towards the infield behind home plate, lower level infield seats have about 20 seats in each section.

The outfield consists mainly of bleacher seats which can fit more people closer to each other. Depending on which section you are in, the bleachers in the outfield can fit between 10 to 30 people with seats.

Event Schedule

  • Cubs
  • Concert