Shaded Seats at Wrigley Field

In the Early Afternoon

For a mid-day start at Wrigley Field, the most prevalent shade is found in some of the less desirable viewing areas. Mezzanine (200 Level) and Upper Deck (300 and 400 Level) sections offer the best protection from the sun, but fans in the 200 and 400 level sections may be left battling for a view of the field thanks to support beams.

Shaded seating in Section 208 at Wrigley Field
The upper deck provides excellent coverage and shade for the 200 level sections beneath, but the support beams which make the overhang possible can greatly affect the view

However, there are some options in the lower seating tier which will keep you in the shade at the start of the game without sacrificing the sight lines to the field. Along the third baseline, look for seats in Rows 10 and higher across Sections 106-115, where you'll not only be out of the sun but also have good views of the field and be close to the concourse entry tunnels.

Some of the shade initially found down the first baseline will begin to recede as the game progresses. Fans looking to stay out of the sun should also avoid the Bleachers and lower-level seats near the right field corner.

Events After 3:00 ​

For an afternoon start at Wrigley Field, fans will find some of the best shade in the sections which run along the third baseline. Most Field Level (100 level) sections between home plate and the left field foul pole will be under cover of shade at first pitch, and even some of the back rows of the lower Club level sections will have protection from the sun.

Mezzanine (200 Level) and Upper Deck (300 and 400 Level) sections also provide excellent shade throughout the day in most areas. However, fans in the 200 and 400 sections will also be battling viewing obstructions caused by roof supports.

Fans looking to stay out of the sun will want to avoid sitting along the first base line in the lower seating tier (Club and Field level) as well as in the Bleachers, which will see the most exposure to the sun.

Shade View from Section 236 at Wrigley Field
Fans along the first base line will see more sun in the lower seating sections. Covered areas provide shade in the Mezzanine and Upper Deck, but look out for viewing obstructions.

Covered Seats at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field provides coverage through two primary ways: the overhang of the upper deck and the roof structure. The overhang provides coverage for all rows in sections 204-230, but it is important to note that this may result in obstructions caused by support poles.

For unobstructed views, the 300 level offers protection for all rows 7 and above. The stadium's roof covers these seats. Additionally, every section in the 400 level provides coverage, although similar to sections 204-230, the presence of support beams holding up the roof may cause slight obstructions.