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The Bleachers at Wrigley Field are one of the most iconic tickets in all of sports. Located behind the ivy-covered outfield wall, bleacher seats offer the best chance at catching a home run ball (and throwing it back if its from the away team).

Of course the Bleachers gets its name from the bench-style seating with no back. For regular season games the entire area is general admission meaning fans are able to sit anywhere in the outfield. Front row seats near the baskets and aisle seats are typically among the most popular options for those who arrive early.

Things to Know When Sitting in the Bleachers

During day games, fans are exposed to the sun all day and should come prepared. For night games, those seated in right field will be looking into the sun until it sets.

There is only one location of restrooms for the entire bleachers section located down the ramps in center field. This can lead to long lines at times, but if timed right a trip can be made quickly.

There are several options for concessions in both the upper and lower concourses. Concessions located underneath the center field scoreboard offer some of the most unique food options at Wrigley. You will find long lines at stands located on the same level as the seats. However, take a trip down to the lower concourse near the restroom and you will find less of a wait.

While in the past this was a location that would be discouraged for families due to its party reputation (Bleacher Bums), Wrigley has made strides in becoming more friendly out in the outfield. Some fans will still seek out these seats for that reputation however.

Are Bleacher Seats at Wrigley Field Assigned?

No, for regular season games bleacher seating at Wrigley Field is general admission. Be sure to show up early to claim the best spots. Spots in the front row and along the aisles will be taken quickly. Left field will typically fill up faster as well since is is out of the direct sun for the start of night games.

For post-season games seating becomes reserved. The bleachers on the seating chart will convert to 500 numbered sections and tickets will be given a section, row and seat number.

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    Bleachers Reviews

    Better the earlier you arrive

    Sep 2018

    Baseball Review
    Bleachers, Row GA

    I frequent the bleachers at Wrigley Field. I am a big baseball fan and enjoy arriving early and watching batting practice. The opportunities to catch batting practice home runs are endless if the wind is blowing out. It is also pretty easy to get the attention of the players catching the balls in the outfield. Since I arrive early, I never have a problem getting a spot just a couple rows behind the outfield fence. However, arrive closer to game time and your options could be limited. Much of it depends on the weather and who the Cubs are playing that day. If you're in a large group and want to sit together get there early. If you're choosing between left or right field, always choose left field. The left side is less affected by the sun for both day and night games. The Cubs bullpen is also located below the left field bleachers and the relievers are not shy about throwing balls to fans. There are some down sides. None of seats in the bleachers have a back rest, so be careful if you're someone with a bad back or bringing someone elderly. There is only one restroom location for the entire bleachers section located down the stairs or ramp at ground level. If seeing the videoboards is important to you, right field or the low rows in left are the best options.


    May 2013

    Baseball Review

    Worst idea in a long time. Sounds great, stinks in real life. If I had 30 people I would do it because it is your only chance to be near each other, the problem is we showed up 20 minutes before first pitch and there wasn't a seat in the bleachers. Fans in the know said we needed to get there hours before first pitch. We stood the entire time and watched the game on tv by the concessions. A complete waste and we had 2 older people with us who left and got seats from a scalper so they could sit. Maybe if I was 21, but not at 43 and definitely not if you are a senior or have a child.

    These seats have a great view with close proximity to all the necessary amenities!

    Jul 2019

    Baseball Review

    These seats are great for going with a big group, because it is not assigned seating so you can easily all sit together. It is close to food, beverages, and bathrooms. I have also never experienced a long line when trying to get in. But, if you are on the older side, I would recommend a different section, because this section tends to be filled with loud energetic young people, and there is also no back support because the seating is benches.

    Great seats but...

    Jun 2019

    Baseball Review
    Bleachers, Row GA

    Had a great view of the game from the bleachers, but on super sunny and hot days, it could become uncomfortable. Also, our seats were in the front where there was a small wall obstructing some the view slightly if you were sat down.

    Perfect views, perfect area in the bleachers to take in a game.

    Baseball Review

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