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Field seats for a concert at Wrigley Field are a pretty special place to take in a show. Although it isn't for a Cubs game, many fans will find it fun to be on the field where so much history has taken place while taking in music from the world's biggest stars.

Fans with tickets on the floor for a show receive wristbands in the outfield near the bleachers. Beer and merchandise tents will be set up on the field for fans to purchase.

Concert Floor Setup

Sections on the field are labeled alphabetically A-Z with AA and AB located in the back. Sections A-J typically are along the front nearest the stage with D-F usually nearest the center.

For certain shows there will be a General Admission Pit in front of the floor sections nearest the stage. GA sections will be sectioned off and require a special wristband for entry.

Seats are foldable chairs that are brought in and set up for each show. The restrooms in the bleachers are used for fans seated on the floor.

Floor Seat Views

Without any elevation between rows it can be more difficult to see if there is a taller person in front of you. At a baseball stadium, the trade-off is that field seats are by far the closest view to the stage.

As you move closer to the sides the angle to the stage has a greater impact on the view to the show, but there are usually large video screens to accommodate the entire stadium.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    On Wrigley Field!!

    Sep 2021

    Concert Review
    Field Z, Row 5

    These seats are toward the back of the floor are some of the furthest field seats, but they are way closer than anything else that would be in the stadium. Video screens are larger than life from down there if you have a harder time seeing what is on stage in person. There is enough space that you should be able to see just fine though. Such an awesome experience to be on the field at an iconic stadium. I found myself taking in the moment several times looking back at the packed stadium behind me. Amazing experience just for that!

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