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Wrigley Field Terrace Boxes

Features & Amenities

The Terrace Boxes at Wrigley are the first 6 rows of the 200-numbered sections and most importantly are the only Terrace seats with no obstructions.

Sitting here, fans will be raised above the main walkway between the Terrace Level and Field Boxes below. Many fans love sitting in these seats due to their elevated views to the field.

When looking for tickets the order of desirability is as follows:

  • Terrace Box Home Plate: Sections 213-222
  • Terrace Box Infield: Sections 209-212 and 223-226
  • Terrace Box Corner: Sections 202-205 and 230-233

What to Consider When Buying Terrace Box Tickets

The biggest benefit of buying a ticket in the Terrace Box location is having the peace of mind that your view will not be obstructed by the well known poles at Wrigley Field.

While seats in the Terrace Box Corner are listed last in terms of desirability, many fans would still prefer them over Terrace Reserved seats in rows 7 and above where it is almost guaranteed some part of the field will be blocked.

Another benefit is that all Terrace Box seats - except for those in the Corner - will be under cover and in the shade for day games. The combination of an unobstructed view and protection from bad Chicago weather make these the ultimate peace-of-mind seats.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Terrace Boxes Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Terrible! Cheap! But close to the bar!!!"

      (Section 231) - -

      These seats were just as bad as I remembered them. I figured, hey, maybe old man wrigley improved these deeper seats with the renovation but nope, not at all, poles are still there. Not surprising considering how cheap these tickets still were (comparably). One thing that was new about the seats was...

    • "Cheap way to spend a summer day!"

      (Section 210) - -

      View was good and seats were cheap

    • "Clear View for Budget"

      (Section 231) - -

      I like these seats alot because the poles are in the back of the section leaving clear views for almost all the seats. It is also the last section under cover... Although be careful in higher number seats as they may be left open. You can see the video board and the game perfect though which is al...

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