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Section 317 at Wrigley Field


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Section 317 Seating Notes

  • For baseball games, we recommend these seats for impressing a guest
  • For baseball games, we recommend rows 4-8 for great views of the field
  • For baseball games, desirable view from behind home plate
  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Premium seating area as part of the Catalina Club
  • Rows 5 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 317 are labeled 1-8
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 8

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  • Section 317 Reviews

    Excellent Seats Behind Home Plate

    Apr 2018

    Baseball Review
    Section 317, Row 8

    Excellent spot behind home plate. No concerns about obstructed views or poles, just a clear view of the field, scoreboard and two videoboards. Stairs are a bit steep in this section, which is why it's great to be in one of the last rows. Row 8 is the last row in the section, and we didn't have to hike up and down the stairs which other fans were struggling with. Multiple concession stands and the outdoor patio are directly behind this section. Restrooms were a few aisles away and do get crowded if you don't time it correctly. One last unique thing about the seats is that the 7th inning stretch singer is right above you. The singer is kind of tough to see from row 8, but you'd have no problem seeing him/her from one of the lower rows in this section.

    Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs - Jul 14, 2019

    Jul 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 317, Row 4   Verified Customer

    Could hardly have asked for better seats - great view of the entire field, nicely in the shade, great bonus Catalina club access, and dead center behind and well above home plate. Would take the seats again!

    • Catalina Club


      The Catalina Club brings everything about Chicago into the ballpark - the skyline, Lake Michigan, grilled food, and of course Wrigley Field and the Cubs.  Catalina Club seats provide some of the best views and amenities for a Cubs game in sections 315-318 behind home plate. The club lounge, located just behind the seats, is the only club space at Wrigley with sight-lines out to the field. Catalina Club Ticket Benefits  Aside from the seats, the Catalina Club features fantastic indoor and outdoor patios with sights of the city. The club is all-inclusive for Cubs games including food, beer, and wine. Those wishing for spirits can purchase them at the clubs private bar.  Fans sitting in these sections can enter through the dedicated premier entrance and enjoy their comfortable, padded seats and private restrooms. Catalina Club members can arrive two hours before the game (90 minutes for 6:40 start times) when the club opens and stay until one hour after the game ends. 

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      Home Plate views. All-inclusive food and beverage

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Great Views of the Field


      Good straight away views from behind home plate on the upper deck. Higher in the section to prevent the front railing from impacting the view. Access to the Catalinia Club

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