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Wrigley Field Section 217 View

Section 217 Seating Notes

  • For baseball games, we recommend rows 1-6 for comfortable viewing
  • For baseball games, desirable view from behind home plate
  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Related Seating: Terrace Boxes (Rows 1-6)
  • Related Seating: Terrace Reserved (Rows 6-32)
  • Rows 1 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 217 are labeled 1-20, 21-22
  • Wheelchair seating is available behind Row 20
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 1 and 22

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 217 Reviews

    Great bargain views behind home plate

    Apr 2014

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 6, Seat 9

    These seats were an absolute bargain with great views of the game. We paid under $10 per ticket and I could not have been more impressed with what we got for the money. You could easily see all areas of the field, head on views of the one of a kind scoreboard, and you didn't have to turn your head at all to see any of the action. You could even tell a 2 seam fastball versus a 4 seamer by the way the pitches broke. The seats were well covered by the upper level sections above, so we would have been nice and dry had it been raining. Great for those that like to be out of the weather, but for fans that like to watch the celebrity guest sing the 7th Inning Stretch, you'll be out of luck. Restrooms and concessions were close and accessible, and if you exited at the top of the section, you're just a short walk down the ramp from Clark's Clubhouse, an interactive play area for kids where they can also meet the Cubs new mascot at certain times during the game.

    The way baseball was meant to be seen!

    Apr 2014

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 6, Seat 10

    Wow, these tickets were $9 and there was not a lot of optimism. But lo and behold, they were awesome! Directly behind home plate with a little bit of elevation. If it was raining, we would have been 100% covered and there were no poles to contend with! The poles in the 200 level are at Row 6, so we knew we would be safe sitting in Row 6 or closer. The only drawback was that the poles are right on the aisle, and you have to squeeze around them when you move in and out of the row. Small drawback for such great seats. There were two concession stands right up the stairs and beer and peanut vendors came around every so often. Overally, HIGHLY recommended for anyone who wants a great view of the game or someone bringing the family!

    Great View Perfect on Hot Day

    Jun 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 13, Seats 7-10

    I've sat in these seats a few times now and they are great seats. However our experience has varied depending on the temperature. Early on in the season when the wind is blowing in it can get VERY chilly. There is almost a wind tunnel created by the stadium that runs through the section. On the flip side... Hot days the breeze is at your back and super welcome! Those are the days that they are the best seats in the house.

    Almost Perfect...

    Jun 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 19, Seat 8

    These seats had a decent home plate view for being in the 200 level, but I could not see 3rd base or the video board in left field because of the support pole. These seats would have been perfect if not for the pole. Next time I'm going to try to get seats in the lower rows past the support poles.

    Pretty Darn Awesome!

    Aug 2011

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 8, Seat 7

    You can't get any better than home plate in the shade...unless you want to catch fly balls. Great seats for baseball!

    Great view

    Sep 2014

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 21, Seat 13

    Seats were comfortable, and shaded so it was never too hot. Great view.

    There is an obstacle

    Aug 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 8, Seat 3

    If you lean forward you can see left field.

    I’d give it negative stars if I could

    Aug 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 7, Seat 1

    Nope! Nope! Nope!

    San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs - Aug 20, 2019

    Aug 2019

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 6   Verified Customer

    Column in Section 217, Row 6, Seat 2.

    Baseball Review
    Section 217, Row 6, Seat 1

    • Terrace Boxes


      The Terrace Boxes at Wrigley are the first 6 rows of the 200-numbered sections and most importantly are the only Terrace seats with no obstructions.   Sitting here, fans will be raised above the main walkway between the Terrace Level and Field Boxes below. Many fans love sitting in these seats due to their elevated views to the field.   When looking for tickets the order of desirability is as follows:   Terrace Box Home Plate: Sections 213-222  Terrace Box Infield: Sections 209-212 and 223-226  Terrace Box Corner: Sections 202-205 and 230-233   What to Consider When Buying Terrace Box Tickets The biggest benefit of buying a ticket in the Terrace Box location is having the peace of mind that your view will not be obstructed by the well known poles at Wrigley Field.  While seats in the Terrace Box Corner are listed last in terms of desirability, many fans would still prefer them over Terrace Reserved seats in rows 7 and above where it is almost guaranteed some part of the field will be blocked.  Another benefit is that all Terrace Box seats - except for those in the Corner - will be under cover and in the shade for day games. The combination of an unobstructed view and protection from bad Chicago weather make these the ultimate peace-of-mind seats. 

    • Terrace Reserved


      Terrace Reserved is the largest seating group at Wrigley Field and is home to the famous obstructed views behind poles. Rows 7 and higher in sections 202-233 are all Terrace Reserved.   While there are still good views and deals in these seats, it is important to know that it is highly likely that some portion of the field will be blocked by a pole. For some seats that is an area of the outfield, and others it is the batter's box and everything in-between.  To avoid the obstructions look at Terrace Box seats located in the first 6 rows of these sections.  The same concerns exist for those looking at concert tickets as it relates to the stage.  Seating Information  Terrace Reserved Preferred seats in rows 7-15 of sections 209-226 will be located along the infield and be the best option of the Terrace Reserved seats.   As you get to the higher rows (15 and above), the overhanging upper deck begins to drastically minimize your view of fly balls as well as the center field scoreboard and outfield videoboards. These seats are referred to as the Terrace Reserved Infield and are some of the worst seats at Wrigley Field.  Moving further out toward left and right field is the Terrace Reserved Outfield location in sections 202-208 and 227-233 which are the outfield version of Preferred seats. In the back rows of these sections are the Terrace Reserved Outfield Corner seats and should only be purchased as a last resort due to their heavy obstructions. Some of the cheapest tickets at Wrigley Field will be in these sections.  Why Buy Terrace Reserved Tickets?    Even though sitting here comes with a good amount of risk in terms of view, they are also among the best places to find complete shade or cover during a sunny or rainy game at Wrigley.   This makes it a good option for families with young children who may not be as frustrated as much by the obstructions.   Many fans also notice the lower price tags in these sections especially near the outfield making them ideal for any fans looking to attend a game or show at Wrigley while on a budget. 

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Comfortable Viewing


      Just a few rows from the concourse entry tunnel. Excellent straight away views of the game. Overhead coverage without any viewing obstructions

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