Wrigley Field

"Best value view"

Seat Review From Section 307
Jun 2012


This is quickly becoming my favorite section - especially for hot day games. Here, we got shade the entire afternoon and more importantly could see 100% of fair territory and had an easy view of the manual scoreboard in center, the new stats scoreboard in right, and the box score/radar gun along the first base line. The only thing we had to stand and stretch to see was the Cubs' bullpen.

The best part of this section is that it offers a more affordable price without the gamble of having a pole/overhang/limited sight/etc. This way I can continue helping the umps with balls and strikes.

The only drawbacks are:
- the rows are long, so a high number seat (9, 10, 109, 110) means you have to walk through a lot of people to get your 2nd and 3rd Old Style
- the steps are steep with no rail, which isn't so hard at first, but increasingly difficult to navigate after 4th Old Style
- the ladies' room is behind this section, but the men's are 4-5 over, which makes for a longer than expected dash after Old Style #5
- the Beer stand right behind the section is cash only, which is actually a blessing when you want to stop at 6 Old Styles

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, fans on a budget, being in the shade

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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