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Seat Review From Section 222, Row 23, Seats 23-26
Jun 2019


Usually seats this far back are a little lower priced and there's reasons for that. The manual scoreboard and both jumbotrons are out of view. However, seats located higher in the section have their own scoreboard in view to keep track of the innings, score , count and outs. There are also TV's to allow fans to see replays. No obstructions to home plate or the pitchers mound from these seats either.

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    Unobstructed view along first baseline - Great seats!!

    May 2016

    Section 222, Row 1, Seat 1

    If you can get these seats...DO IT!!! They are covered and I sat here twice during two rain delays and I was DRY!!!! The views are awesome. If you have a camera with a zoom it's almost like being on the field. My pictures were taken with a zoom lens.

    Bad location

    Apr 2018

    Section 222, Row 22, Seat 110

    Very bad seats in section 228. In all of that area maybe the first 10 rows are good, after that its a very bad location. You can not see half of the stadium, I will not recommend those seats, pay more to have a better seat.

    Perfect view of the field

    Jun 2019

    Section 222, Row 5, Seats 12,13

    The view from the seats were amazing. You could see all of the action without having to look around anything. The only problem with the seats was that they were in the middle of the aisle so if you wanted to get up, you had to walk across 10 other people.

    Perfect view of the field

    Jun 2019

    Section 222, Row 5, Seats 12,13

    Column in Section 222, Row 6, Seat 26.

    Section 222, Row 6, Seat 101

    • "Good seats for the price"

      (Section 223) - -

      Took my 2 boys to the game. The seats are under the upper deck so if staying out of the sun is your thing then these are good seats. My view was not blocked at all by the pillars. You had a great view of the field. You only lost view of the ball when it was hit straight up in the air. Overall great ...

    • "Great view"

      (Section 217) - -

      Seats were comfortable, and shaded so it was never too hot. Great view.

    • "Almost Perfect..."

      (Section 217) - -

      These seats had a decent home plate view for being in the 200 level, but I could not see 3rd base or the video board in left field because of the support pole. These seats would have been perfect if not for the pole. Next time I'm going to try to get seats in the lower rows past the support poles.

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