Seating sections at Wrigley Field are also commonly referred to as Aisles, therefore you will be in Section 16 which is just on the home plate side of the Cubs dugout. Seating in the section begins with Rows A-D at the very front, followed by Rows 1-10 behind, so at Row 8 you will be just 12 rows up from the field. Walkway aisles run down the middle of the sections at Wrigley, and Seat 106 will be on the left side of the walkway as you face the field, 6 seats in off the aisle (closer to the Cubs dugout).

These seats have impressive straight away views of the pitchers mound and batters box, and keep you feeling very close to the action. You are also just 2 rows down from the walkway at the top of the section, making it easy to move between the seats and the concourse.

View from Aisle 16 at Wrigley Field
Seats in Aisle 16 have an amazing viewing angle to home plate - and also keep you very close to the Cubs dugout and on-deck circle.