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"No obstructions here, just awesome views of the dugout!"

Seat Review From Section 24, Row 8, Seat 103
Jul 2015


For a White Sox fan visiting Wrigley for a Cubs/Sox game, there's a lot that can go wrong. Obstructed seats, too many Cubs fans, wondering if I'll get to see replays, etc., etc.

But with these seats, and the way the renovations have gone, I didn't have to worry about any of that! None of these lower box seats have any obstructions - especially where I was seated. Within ten rows of the visiting team dugout almost at field level, these seats were almost too close to the field at times. Beginner fans might actually want to sit farther back so that the game happens a little more slowly.

Along with ideal views of the batter/pitcher exchange, these seats look directly at the new videoboard in left field. It's crystal clear, enormous and I'm a little sad actually that it detracts so much from the iconic scoreboard in center field.

Never-the-less, these seats are awesome. They had a face value of $185, which is totally worth it since the Sox won, but it is a bit to pay for hard seats that don't come with any amenities.

A couple random things: legroom here was awesome. My entire mountain of peanut shells fit nicely in front of my feet before I swept them under the chair in front of me. Also, these seats aren't covered and it did rain steadily (but without a rain delay) for the first six innings. I got quite wet, but the usher was going around wiping seats dry for fans who went up for concessions, etc. The ushers here really own their sections/aisles and that was a nice touch. But if you're looking for covered seats, there are plenty of other options at Wrigley.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, impressing a guest, fans of the oppposing team, Catching a foul ball

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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    Row 1 is the first row behind the visitor dugout in section 24

    Section 24, Row C

    These seats will be located behind protective netting.

    Front of sections 9-33 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 9-27. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • "Overall great view"

      (Section 20) - -


    • "Close enough to the plate to hear the catch of the pitch!"

      (Section 15) - -

      One of the best seats in the field if your into the game. I don't know if this aisle had to do anything about it but I was randomly selected to be on camera during a reviewed play. Game was broadcasted on espn so that just adds to the experience of this section. Most fun I had in a while!

    • "Best seats I've ever sat in at Wrigley Field"

      (Section 18) - -

      Any seat in this area will be AMAZING.

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