Citi Field

"Railing Nightmare"

Seat Review From Section 501, Row 1, Seat 5
Jun 2016


Dealing with one railing to watch through is bad enough, but my seats were doubled up on railings by the walkway up to the 500 level - probably one of the worst views I've ever had at a baseball game.

Just about the only area where I could see clearly was the left field corner and the center field scoreboard. Part of the problem was that my seats were on the aisle, where the double railing issues seem to be the worst.

Out of curiosity, I moved up a few rows when I first got there to see what the view was like, and I quickly realized that if I ever wanted to sit on the aisle in the 500 level again, it would have to be in Row 6 or higher where the main railing starts to become more manageable for watching through.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Good view of the railing"

      (Section 526) - -

      Avoid the first row. The railing is directly in your sightline to home plate. It's nice that you walk up the stairs and the row is right there, but a higher row would be way better.

    • "Great Seats, Great View!"

      (Section 531) - -

      When they built Citi Field, the view was definitely taken into account. There's not a bad seat in the house. Yes, a small part of left field is obstructed, but that's to be expected sitting in left field. Food is nearby, bathrooms were nearby with no lines, people nearby were fine.

    • "Never A Bad Seat"

      (Section 531) - -

      No matter where you sit, it is always a good seat here. Yes, you can't see a small part of left field, but they were spacious by stadium standards, and had cupholders.

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