Shaded Seats at Citi Field

sunny day at Citi Field
On sunny summer days like these, shaded seats at Citi Field are at a premium

When school is out, and the weather warms up, the Mets play a day game about once a week at Citi Field. An overwhelming majority of these games start at 1:10 p.m.. For many fans, this is an excellent opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy baseball the way it was meant to be. For others - especially those with family - direct sun is an enemy that needs to be dealt with.

Those looking to stay out of the sun at Citi Field will find shaded seats scattered about the stadium. In fact, for a one o'clock game in the middle of summer, every section in the ballpark will see sunlight for at least a few innings. The only way to stay out of the sun for all nine innings is to choose the correct combination of section and row.

The Best Shaded Seats at Citi Field

Fans heading to Citi Field who are looking for a comfortable afternoon and a great experience should look no further than the Excelsior seats on the 300 Level. Many of these seats offer great protection from the sun, and fans can retreat to the indoor club if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

The best Excelsior seats for shade are on the third base side. Specifically, rows 3 and above will be shaded for afternoon ballgames in sections 320-333.

There are Excelsior seats in the shade on the first base side of the field, but they often become sunny by the end of the ballgame.

More Shaded Seats on the Third Base Side

shaded side of citi field
The shaded side of Citi Field is the third base side where the visitor dugout resides

Besides the Excelsior Club, there are several other options for shade on the third base side. The sun sets behind this side of the stadium, so seats in the 100 and 500 levels promise good sun protection during the afternoon hours.

  • On the 100 level, the last 10 rows on the third base side are mostly shaded
  • On the 500 level, third base seats in rows 10+ are usually out of the sun

What About Seats on the First Base Side?

The Mets dugout is on the first base side of the field, making this a popular spot for hometown fans. Unfortunately, this side of the field is heavily susceptible to the sun - especially in the later innings.

shaded seats mets side
Shaded seats on the first base side can only be found in the top rows of select sections

If you're seeking shade on this side of the field, you will want to choose seats in the very top rows of sections 108-114 or 306-312. While other rows may be shaded at first pitch, only the top rows will be out of the sun for a full nine innings.

Are Any Seats in the Outfield Shaded?

At most ballparks, outfield seats are rarely shaded. But at Citi Field you have a choice to sit in the sun or in the shade for day games.

If you're looking to stay cool, choose outfield seats in left field on the 100, 300 or 500 level. The upper rows of these sections are shaded for all afternoon games, and even the lower rows will eventually see relief.

If you're looking for an outfield seat in the sun, set your sights on the 300 level sections in right field. These are known as the sunny seats at Citi Field. On summer days, these seats will be drenched in sun during day games and even for the first few innings of night games.

Covered Seats at Citi Field

rainy weather citi field
Covered seats like these will keep you dry during those spring and summer storms

If the forecast calls for rain, you'll want to seek out seats covered by the stadium roof or underneath an overhang. These seats are primarily found in the upper rows of select sections. The following areas offer the most amount of coverage:

  • Upper half of rows in outfield sections 134-139, 334-338
  • Upper half of club level sections 306-312 and 326-333
  • Top 5 rows of 500-level sections

Other areas of the ballpark have limited coverage in the highest rows. But be sure to avoid the 400 level and all seats behind home plate (except in the 500 level) as these areas are entirely exposed to the elements.

If you can't find seats with overhead coverage, consider purchasing tickets in one of the multiple club sections at Citi Field. Most club seats will come with access to an indoor area where you can wait out the weather.