Citi Field

"Row 11 shade - yes!"

Seat Review From Section 506, Row 11, Seat 23
Jun 2016


Used the RateYourSeats shade finder to find seats on Father's Day. Heat index in the 90s, not a cloud in the sky, and I'm perfectly comfortable! Two rows lower and I'd be soaked with sweat.

To get the shade you do have to sit pretty high up. So it's a birds eye view, but you can see the whole field, the videoboard and even the water - awesome!

Best for... fans on a budget, being in the shade

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Shady, Fun Views

    Jun 2016

    Section 506, Row 11, Seat 24

    I had read that Row 11 is where the coverage starts on the 500 level, and that was spot on. We were in the shade for the majority of the game (until about the 8th inning) for a hot summer day game. Views of the field were surprisingly decent from the seats as we could see every area of the field. What made the views even more fun was our line of sight to the Flushing Bay in the background of left center field, and the steady traffic of airplanes taking off almost right over the ballpark. Videoboard views were great as well, so even though we were higher up we could always catch the replays for the smaller details. For the money, these aisle seats were a great value with fun overall views at Citi Field.

    • "The Most Dangerous Seats for Young Children!"

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      I enrolled my 2 g'sons in the Mets Kids Club & these terrible seats were sent to us. No one in their right mind would ever bring young children to this area. Why are these seats designated for young children? They are extremely dangerous, not to mention, in the direct sunlight on a 90 deg day. Thi...

    • "Convenient But With Lousy Views"

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      My seat was one of 4 directly above the entry tunnel, with aisles available both to the left and right of this 4 seat block. The convenience of being able to get in and out with ease was amazing, but the railing just in front of the seats really limits how much I could enjoy the game. You have t...

    • "Great view!"

      (Section 515) - -

      Even though we were at the top we were able to see the field perfectly and didnt feel like we had to squint to see what was going on. Not to mention we were able to get in on the action not once but twice on the big screen!

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