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Terrace Level Outfield seating is exclusive to the right field side of the stadium and is comprised of the 1st Base Terrace and Right Field Terrace seating sections.

Sections 435-440 are known as the 1st Base Terrace and are located closer to the infield than the Right Field Terrace Sections 431-434.

Terrace sections will see a lot of sun during day games, with only a small amount of relief in the last few rows due to the small overhanging roof.

The Budweiser Terrace replaces sections 328-330 and 428-430. The area is open to all fans with a game ticket and all seats and standing areas are first-come, first-serve. Fans will have an opportunity to watch the game while sitting on lounge-style furniture or by standing at a rail. Ticketholders are encouraged to arrive early if seeking a space in this highly-coveted corner of the ballpark.   - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Can not see deep right field"


      Sections 428 and 429 give an interesting perspective towards the field - you look pretty much down the foul line - but your position at the top of the stadium makes it difficult to see deep right field. The rest of the outfield is visible.

    • "I sat in 430 row 3 it was shady and awesome."

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