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    Cardinals Seating Chart

    St. Louis Cardinals Seating Chart at Busch Stadium

    Busch Stadium Seating Chart With Row Numbers

    Busch Stadium seating chart with row numbers

    Busch Stadium Seat Numbers

    The seat direction at Busch Stadium varies, as some sections have rows that go from left-to-right and others have rows that go from right-to-left.

    On the left side of the stadium roughly sections 150-197, 250-272, 350-372, and 450-454 the seat numbers go from right-to-left. When seated looking at the field, the lowest number seat (typically seat 1) will be on the far right of each section.

    On the right side of the stadium in sections 101-149, 228-249, 331-349, and 431-449 the seat numbers go from left-to-right. When seated looking at the field, the lowest number seat (typically seat 1) will be on the far left of each section.

    The number of seats on the 100 and 200 levels will range from 10 seats in a row to 30 seats in some rows. Some sections have the same number of seats in each row, while others will have larger rows in the higher rows. However, the seat numbers in the first row of some sections will go from 1-5.

    The outfield sections will have rows that only have nine seats in the row, while other sections will have around 26-30 seats in the row. Fans sitting in these sections should expect to be seated in rows that range from 9-30 seats, with the shorter rows typically in the front and the longer rows towards the back.

    The upper deck at Busch Stadium (300 and 400 Level) will have seat numbers that range from 5 seats in a row to upwards of 30 seats in a row. The rows in the 300 level sections typically have fewer seats in the rows than the 400 level sections have. The 400 level have some of the largest sections at Busch Stadium and the seat numbers in a row usually range from 10 to 30 seats depending on which section you are sitting in.

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