Busch Stadium

Left Field Porch 1 at Busch Stadium


Busch Stadium Left Field Porch 1 View

Left Field Porch 1 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Left Field Porch 1 are labeled 1-12
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 12

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  • Left Field Porch 1 Reviews

    Loved the view from these seats!

    Oct 2013

    Left Field Porch 1, Row 130, Seats 5/6

    This was the best game that I have ever attended and the best seats that I have ever sat in. I would prefer to have an aisle seat for the room but they were great seats. One thing that did make it better since we had seats in the middle of the row, some seats were open so we could spread out and that gave us more room. Considering we are large people, my husband is 6' 7" tall. The crowd was very energetic and we had a wonderful time talking and chatting with all of the people sitting around us. The food was good, restroom close to our seats, and Marvelous seats. What a view! I received these tickets free to this play off game against the LA Dodgers, couldn't have been a better game. I was so excited. I think the only seats that would have been better would have been the green seats directly behind home plate. Wonderful stadium!!

    • Field Level Outfield


      Field Level Outfield seats are located on the lowest tier of Busch stadium, between the corner bases and wrapping to the corners of the outfield walls. Most sections in this location are segmented into three distinct smaller sections. Upper portions are tucked up near the overhang of the 200 level and lower sections go right up to the field. Sections 127-140 are located on the first base side, with the higher numbered sections being closer to the Cardinals dugout. Closest to the field on this side will be the Dugout Box seats, followed by the 1st Base Field Box (closer to first base) or the Right Field Box (closer to right field). Sections 127-129 are the only sections located in fair territory on the right field side and provide a good opportunity to catch a home run ball. Not all sections on the right field side run up to the outfield wall, as sections 133 and 134 are further set back and do not extend all the way down to the field. On the left field side are sections 160-172, with the lower numbered sections being closer to the visitor's dugout and the infield. Closest to the field on this side will be the Dugout Box seats, followed by the 3rd Base Field Box or the Left Field Box depending on how close you are to third base.  Sections 170-172 are located in fair territory behind the left field wall and are a great place to sit for home run balls. Just above are the Left Field Porch sections which offer some of the best shade at Busch Stadium in the hot summer months. 

    • Recommended For Partying and Socializing


      Upscale bar located behind this section. Great place for socializing and still watching the game. Lots of televisions nearby for watching replays

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Great view and padded seats!"

      (Section 165) - -

      Great view of the field from here! Only a few rows away from the field!! Highly reccomend these seats for catching a foul ball or impressing a friend!

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