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Section 449 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 449 are labeled 1-8
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 1

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  • Section 449 Reviews

    Sit a Row or Two Back

    Jul 2014

    Section 449, Row 4, Seat 13

    Row 4 is the first row in this section. Unfortunately, the first row in the upper deck comes with the railing. When you sit back comfortably, you're looking through the vertical bars of the railing. You could easily see the batter/pitcher exchange between bars, but once the ball was hit, your vision becomes distracted by the railing. If you sit up a row or two, the railing won't be as much of an issue. There were about 20 seats in the row, but the front row has a little more legroom than higher rows, so getting in and out isn't so hard. I did like being right at the stairs to go down to the concourse. But you do still have to walk down those stairs to get food and go to the bathroom. All 400 level sections require walking stairs. We got to the ballpark at about 5:00 on a really hot day. But the sun was behind us and wasn't an issue at all. Good seats for being covered from the elements, too, as the roof extends over these seats. Great arch view and a very friendly section overall! When sitting in the upper deck, I love sitting right behind home plate, just wish I sat a couple rows higher.

    Underrated seats.

    Section 449

    You can see the action from a really good angle even though it is not particular close. Even though these seats are farther away, the angle is so good.

    • Infield Terrace


      The Terrace Level Infield is located on the highest deck at Busch Stadium and are the furthest set back of any sections at the ballpark. With some of the furthest views to the field and high exposure to the sun in the lower rows, there are better options for taking in a Cardinals game. However, these seats are usually affordable and do provide good views of the scoreboard and the St. Louis Arch and skyline in the background. The last few rows of the terrace level will have some protection from the sun with a small overhanging roof above. 

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      In Row 4, seats 1-9 are the first row in the section behind the Budweiser banner. First row sounds great -- except that the railing is right in the way. Seats 10 and higher on the left side of the section are the actual fourth row and won't be obstructed by the railing. The view of the arch is gr...

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