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The Terrace Level Infield is located on the highest deck at Busch Stadium and are the furthest set back of any sections at the ballpark. With some of the furthest views to the field and high exposure to the sun in the lower rows, there are better options for taking in a Cardinals game.

However, these seats are usually affordable and do provide good views of the scoreboard and the St. Louis Arch and skyline in the background.

The last few rows of the terrace level will have some protection from the sun with a small overhanging roof above.

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  • Infield Terrace Seating Chart

    Baseball Infield Terrace Seating Chart at Busch Stadium

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals - Jul 14, 2023"

      (Section 445) -
    • "Five railings in the way"

      (Section 453) - -

      By all means, do not sit here. The aisle seats behind homeplate in rows 7-9 are behind about five different railings. All-in-all, you have very little chance of seeing home-plate. Middle seats are fine, so are higher rows. But rows 7-9 in Sections 446-454 ought to be avoided.

    • "Great seats with a skyline view!"

      (Section 450) - -

      These seats are behind home plate so they offer a great vantage point for the game. The skyline in the background is an added bonus. Concessions and restrooms are very close as well.

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