​Shaded Seats at Busch Stadium

In the Early Afternoon

Busch Stadium is well known as one of the hottest stadiums in Major League Baseball. Especially during July and August temperatures can rise above 100 degrees for afternoon games. The Cardinals have a number of 12:45 and 1:15 games where finding shade is an important ingredient for a fun day at the park.

The generous overhang of the 200 level offers a lot of shade for sections 160-167 even when the sun is straight overhead

When the sun is straight overhead, it will be important to choose seats that are under the roof or one of the generous overhangs. The back portions of sections 128-140 and 160-167 are designed with shade in mind and will keep you cool - even on the warmest days. Fans will also find relief in the back half of Infield Club sections 240-260, left field porch seats and the top rows of the upper deck under the stadium roof.

Best Seats in the Shade

Fans looking for shaded seats that are also great seats have two primary options. The first is to choose seats in the highest rows of lower infield sections 148-153 behind home plate. There aren't many seats in the shade here, but the few will have a great view of the field and instant access to the concourse. Another option is to sit in Redbird Club seats in the 200 level. About half of these seats will be covered for an early afternoon game and all ticketholders will have access to the indoor (and air-conditioned) club lounge.

Avoid Sitting in Rows Close to the Field

The biggest mistake fans make when buying tickets on a hot day is jumping at the opportunity to sit in one of the rows closest to the field. If you can handle the sun and the heat, you might end up with a pretty good deal. But keep in mind that the seats in the lower bowl won't see any shade until at least late afternoon, by which time you may have already burnt to a crisp.

Events After 3:00

Although rare, the Cardinals do have some 3:05 PM games on their schedule. These games are always the most difficult to predict where the shade will be because the sun falls behind the third base side of the stadium - providing relief for some seats but also heavily blinding seats that may have been previously out of the sun.

Choosing seats on the third base side of the field is your best bet for finding the protection you're looking for. Upper level seats, club level seats and even lower level seats will begin to see shade as the late afternoon gives way to the evening.

As with 1:00 games, the best shaded seats will be on the club level. At this time of day, almost all Redbird Club seats will be shaded for the entirety of the game (and if they're not protected early, they will be eventually). You'll also have access to the indoor club lounge, amenities, and an exclusive menu. If you're looking for something closer to the field, try seats in sections 152-158. While only a few of the rows here will be shaded at 3:00, you'll find that most rows will see relief by the middle innings.

Knowing Which Seats to Avoid

In right field, even seats that are well covered will be sun-drenched by the late afternoon and into evening

Knowing which seats to avoid for late afternoon and evening games is almost as important as knowing where to sit. For instance, rows 20 and above in sections 128-130 are well covered and into the shade for 1:00 games. But by 5 or 6:00, these seats are heavily exposed to the sun and your cover will do no good to stop it. You'll want to avoid these seats and pretty much everything else that ends in 33 or lower on all stadium levels (example: avoid 433 and 431, but 437 is OK). Many of these seats will be out of the sun, cool early, and quickly become a magnet for the sun's rays.

Finally, you'll want to avoid the outfield bleacher seats in sections 101-111 and 189-197. These metal benches can get extremely hot during a summer afternoon, and the sections themselves offer little to no protection from the sun or other elements.

Covered Seats at Busch Stadium

When finding covered seats at Busch Stadium, the left and right field corners are great spots to secure a comfortable and more sheltered viewing experience. In particular, sections 128-140 (rows 21 and above) and 160-167 (rows 20 and above) provide covered seating on this level.

For those seeking a higher level of comfort and luxury, the club level at Busch Stadium is an ideal choice. Sections 241-257, starting from row 9 and above are covered seats with added amenities and perks. Fans can enjoy the game with access to the indoor concourse, upscale food and beverage, and protection overhead.

The 400 Level at Busch Stadium also offers covered seats if you want a more affordable option. Starting from row 6 and above, fans in these sections enjoy a panoramic view of the field while staying sheltered. Additionally, sections 361-372 rows 8 and above are recommended.