Wrigley Field

What is the difference between terrace reserved infield and terrace reserved preferred?

Feb 2019

Answered by Tyler at RateYourSeats.com...

The terrace reserved infield seats are further back in the sections leading to a bit more of an obstruction due to the overhang. When sitting here, sometimes flyballs will go out of view and the video boards will be harder to see. The terrace reserved preferred seats are less impacted by the overhang. The location is simply determined by the row of the seats and level of impact from the overhang.

It is important to note that both sections are still impacted by the poles at Wrigley Field. To be in front of the poles, look at the Terrace Box seats which are the first 6 rows in the sections

This image shows the breaking point at which the overhang becomes more of an issue for the video board and fly balls.

Asked February 27, 2019 for St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs on Sep 19, 2019

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