The support beam which impacts the view most from Section 213 is located at Row 6 (one seat to the home plate side of Seat 15). Seats 9-10 in Row 16 will unfortunately be behind the beam, with some obstructed views of the back of the batters box. If you can find tickets in Seats 1-5 or 101-105 in Section 213 Row 16, these will have a much safer view to the pitchers mound, batters box, and infield.

Viewing obstructions for Seats 9-10 in Section 213 Row 16 at Wrigley Field
The support beam located at Row 6 will limit the view to the back of the batters box from Section 213 Row 16
View from Section 213 Row 20 at Wrigley Field
Similarly located seats in Section 213 Row 20 show the potential for limited views