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How do Terrace Box seats differ from Terrace Reserve at Wrigley Field?

I see that some of the 200  level infield sections have both a Box seat area and an Terrace Reserve area, so I was curious as to what might be different about the two?

Mar 2013

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

Other than their distance to the field, there is no difference between the Infield Terrace portion of the section compared to the Box Seats portion of the section. While the box seats are closer to the field, they do not offer any special benefits or privileges over the infield terrace seats, but given the closer proximity they will generally fall into a higher price tier. The box portion of the 200 level sections is located in the first 6 rows, and the terrace seats are found in rows 7 and higher.

One word of caution we would offer however is that there are some viewing obstructions in the 200 level sections (support beams for the upper seating deck), which the reserve seats will be subject to. Box seating is located in front of the obstructions, so there will be less to worry about when purchasing the box seats versus the terrace reserved seats.

Seat view from Section 240 Row 25 at Wrigley Field
While no amenities differ between the box vs. terrace reserved portions of the 200 level, the box seats will always provide better protection against obstructed views caused by the support beams

Asked March 26, 2013 for San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs on Apr 14, 2013

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