Wrigley Field

How high is the stage set up at Wrigley Field?

We’re thinking of getting tickets on the field in the pit and are slightly below average in height

Feb 2020

Answered by Tyler at RateYourSeats.com...

The stage is typically about 6-7 feet off the ground . When standing in the Pit it often depends more on the height of the fans in front of you than the height of the stage. We would consider the views equivalent to most GA pit sections or festivals. If this is a problem you experience consistently it will most likely be the case here as well.

One of the benefits of the pit is the ability to move around to get a better view. If arriving early you may be able to find some shorter fans or even stand toward the back of the pit where the views might be clearer.

Asked February 26, 2020 for Guns N Roses on Jul 26, 2020

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