The issue with Seats 17-20 in Section 512 Row 9 is that they are located directly above the entry tunnel, which will offer you a unique seating location, however there is a safety railing right in front of the seats. Watching the game while sitting back comfortably in the seats will be difficult, and you will have to lean forward to prevent the railing and viewing angle from obstructing your view of the field.

It is also important to note that you will have a lot of traffic from other fans walking up and down the aisles on either side of the tunnel, which will also affect your view throughout the game.

Section 512 Row 9 Seats 17-20 at Citi Field
Highlighted above, Seats 17-20 in Section 512 Row 9 will have to compete with a safety railing and foot traffic on the aisles to get a clear view throughout the game

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons