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Section 509 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 509 are labeled 1-17
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 1

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  • Section 509 Reviews

    Thank God they were $15

    May 2013

    Section 509, Row 16, Seat 14

    Almost in the very last row of Citi Field on a night that was incredibly empty. I can't say much about the seats themselves, because we decided to move up about 12 rows to another set of empty seats. A large group of younger high school students were at the game, and they were kind of annoying. The view isn't necessarily the best, and you have to walk a bit to get a good choice of concessions, but as I've said with my other reviews, guess you get what you pay for. And 15 bucks for a ball game isn't bad.

    • Promenade Gold


      Promenade Gold seats take up the front row of all sections in the 400 and 500 level sections at Citi Field. Many fans enjoy sitting in the front row of a section for the clear view to the field. With no seats in front, Promenade Gold seats will have less distractions from other fans. While all first rows are considered "Gold", the views can vary greatly by level and location. The most desirable are in sections 411-418 behind home plate. Each section on the 400 level will have between 5-7 rows of seating which makes them some of the smallest sections at Citi Field. Sitting in the front row of these sections will come at a lower price point while providing an experience similar to the Excelsior level. Up one level to the 500 sections is the last of the "Gold" seats. Those at the front of these sections will be raised above the walkway between the 400 and 500 level. Similar to those on the 400 level, these are most desirable for their clear view to the field. Club Access with Promenade Gold Tickets  Most tickets in the Prominade Gold seats will give fans access to three of Citi Field's premium club lounge areas: Metropolitan Grille, Jim Beam Highball, and Piazza 31. All clubs are climate-controlled to give fans a break from any rough New York weather. Access is based on the seller's ticket plan so check for seller notes to see if club access is listed among the amenities. 

    • Promenade Level


      The Promenade Level at Citi Field is made up of all sections in the top two tiers of the stadium. All sections are in either the 400's or 500's. Promenade Level Breakdown Gold Seats: First row of all sections Silver: 411-418 Baseline: 401-410 and 419-428 Box: 429-437 Infield: 510-518 Reserved: 506-509 and 519-531 Outfield: 501-505 and 532-538 400 Level Seats  Promenade sections on the 400 level include Promenade Baseline and Promenade Box seats. These sections are small with no more than 8 rows in a section making it easier to get in and out. In addition, these seats are the lowest on the level bringing them closer to the field. For the best views, look at the Promenade Silver seats located behind home plate in sections 411-418. These will be among the most expensive on the level due to their desirable location. Protection from the weather is extremely hard to find when sitting on this level. 500 Level Seats  Those looking for the cheapest tickets will find them on the 500 level. Seats in these sections are the highest in elevation creating less desirable views. When looking at tickets in these sections start with the Promenade Infield seats in sections 510-518 for the best views. Otherwise, the lowest rows available in the Promenade Reserved or Promenade Outfield will be the next best options. Club Access on the Promenade Level  Many Promenade tickets at Citi Field will have access to the Jim Beam Highball club lounge located on the level behind sections 411-418. However, access is determined by the seller's ticket plan so check seller's notes for guaranteed access. The climate-controlled viewing area inside the lounge ensures that you will always be comfortable no matter how cold or hot it is for a ballgame, and also features two full-service bars, NYC inspired food options, and casual high-top table seating in the lounge area. 

    • Upper Promenade Infield


      You won't find the best views from the upper portion of Citi Field's highest seating deck, but what you can find is a nice cheap ticket for taking in a Mets game. Staying between the corner bases from this height helps to keep you more dialed in to the action due to the proximity to the infield, and line of sight to the center field videoboard. Most sections feature 17 rows of seating with entry tunnels below the very front row. Coverage is limited, but can be found in the last few rows if you don't mind having the highest seats possible in exchange for some protection from the weather. There aren't many seating areas at Citi Field which don't have access to a Club area, but these are some of those few which do not. 

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