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Section 122 at Citi Field


Citi Field Section 122 View

Section 122 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the visitor dugout
  • Rows 28-32 are recommended for outstanding convenience
  • Rows 1-10 are recommended for visiting team fans
  • Rows 23-32 are recommended for great views of the field
  • Related Seating: Metropolitan Club
  • Rows 27 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 122 are labeled 1-32
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 32

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 122 Reviews

    Washington Nationals at New York Mets - Jul 30, 2023

    Jul 2023

    Section 122, Row 25   Verified Customer

    Row 1 is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Section 122.

    Section 122, Row 1

    Front of sections 107-128 are behind the netting or fencing

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 107-128. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section. The netting extends from sections 111-124, and there is a protective fence that extends down the right and left field lines until sections 107 and 128.

    • Metropolitan Club


      The Metropolitan Club sections are the place to be for fans who want to be close to the team dugouts. Sections 112-113 on the first base side put you right behind the Mets dugout, while Sections 122-123 on the third base side are directly behind the visitors (Row 1 will be right up against the dugouts). The Metropolitan Platinum and Diamond seats are found in rows 1-2, Metropolitan Gold in rows 3-6, Metropolitan Silver in rows 7-12, Metropolitan Bronze in rows 13-22, and the remaining rows (22 and beyond) are known as Metropolitan Box.  The sections here are large with up to 32 numbered rows of seating, and the concourse entry tunnels are located at the very top. Lower numbered rows get you closer to the field, however will also leave you with a longer walk to and from the restrooms. Limited overhead coverage can be found in the last few rows, with the best coverage available to fans sitting in Rows 30 and higher. Club Access for Mets Games  Those seated in the Platinum seats (first two rows behind the dugouts) have extra benefits including extra padded seats, complimentary food, and non-alcoholic beverages. Sitting here also provides access to the Clover Club.  Most seats in the Metropolitan sections come with access to the Piazza 31 and Jim Beam Highball clubs and the Metropolitan Grille. Club access is determined by the plan the tickets are part of, so check the seller's notes for access information. 

    • Recommended For Outstanding Convenience


      These seats were hand-selected for being close to a wide-range of amenities. They are within five rows of the concourse (fewer stairs) and there is a men’s restroom, women’s restroom and concessions near this section.

    • Recommended For Visiting Team Fans


      Within 10 rows of the visitor's dugout. Great views to the heart of the infield

    • Recommended For Great Views of the Field


      Excellent sight lines near the dugouts. Great elevation between seating rows makes it easier to see the field. Close to the concourse entryways

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