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The Field Box Outfield is a great place to find excellent seats at a reasonable price point without having to worry about viewing obstructions. Located behind the Club Box Outfield aisles, the seats are positioned further up in the seating bowl for an ideal viewing height while still feeling close to the playing surface.

Foul balls are a common occurrence in the Field Box Outfield, so be sure to bring your mitt for a chance at snagging a one of a kind souvenir. As you sit closer to the foul poles, the seats are nicely angled towards the pitchers mound resulting in a comfortable viewing angle with limited head turning through out the game.

Be careful when sitting in Aisles 133-142 on the first base side as these seats are exposed to the sun for the majority of day games. Third base options will leave you with more time with the sun at your back, as well as more shade as the afternoon approaches.

Most aisles here have 15 numbered rows of seating, which can be reached by either the walkway beneath the aisles (just above the Club Box level), or above the aisle (just below the Terrace level).

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