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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Although the Field Box Infield seats do not extend all the way down to the playing surface, these are among the best all-around options for watching a game at Wrigley. Set further back from the field due to the Club Box seats in front, fans have excellent viewing height for being able to follow all the action.

Sections 116-119 provide the best views of the game from behind home plate, as well as a great angle to the the iconic Wrigley scoreboard above center field. Sections 109-112 will get you closer to the Cubs dugout, while sections 124-126 are nearest to the visitors dugout.

The third base side offers better options for fans who prefer to have the sun at their back sooner during a day game, although the seats on the first base side have a better viewing angle to the larger videoboard above left field.

Seats in the Field Box Infield are fully exposed without any known viewing obstructions, and have 15 rows of seating. We recommend avoiding the first row of seating here (Row 1), as the walkway beneath the aisles can have heavy foot traffic and impact your view.  - RateYourSeats.com

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