Busch Stadium

"Shade entire time, good view, nice breeze on a hot day"

Seat Review From Section 372, Row 14, Seats 7-10
Jul 2012


Our seats were for a family Sunday game (1:15) when the temps were around 100 degrees. The seats were $17 each, came with a hot dog and soda and most importantly they were in the shade the entire game. Now, they were not perfect seats as we were literally the last row of the stadium and could not see most of the plays that took place in left field, but for $17 it was a perfect way to introduce my kids to the my Cardinals. Plus they had a 3 run 9th to comeback and win the game!

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, fans on a budget, being in the shade

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Cool view of the Cards dugout

Sep 2014

Section 372, Row 10, Seat 20

372 is a really good budget section, and this row was nice and covered. So if you desire cheap, covered seats at Busch Stadium, this is a good bet. But with the budget price comes the budget view. You can't see a lot of the outfield and you constantly have to turn your head to see the videoboard. Cool views right into the Cardinals dugout, though. You can see everything that's going on really clearly.

Only if you must

Jul 2016

Section 372, Row 5

Reasons to sit here: they're probably cheap Reasons not to sit here: too many to list The seats are blazing hot. There's a reason the kid next to me has an umbrella open on a clear day. Also, much of the outfield is cut off. I know Matt Holliday is down there somewhere, I just can't see him. The seats are actually covered, but the shade doesn't start until a few rows up. Lots of other great places to sit before settling for these.

Nice on the 100 degree day we were there because of the breeze.

Section 372, Row 14

My seats were in row 14 (top row of the stadium) and were nice on the 100 degree day we were there because of the breeze. For $17,on a Family Sunday and each ticket came with a soda and a hotdog, it was well worth it. The only real problem was not being able to see the plays in left field. We went to a 1:15pm game and we were in the shade the entire time. If you want a good experience for a little money these are the seats to get.

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    Top row of one of the farthest sections? Sounds terrible, but it's not so bad. This is the first of the sections that is angled towards home plate. This made for a more comfortable view. Adding to the comfort is that these seats are fully shaded and covered and even had a nice little breeze. I...

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  • "Well worth the price"

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    Don't be discouraged by being in the outfield in the 300s. These seats give beautiful site lines from a much lower height than you'd think. Only thing missing is views from the arch.

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