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Busch Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Cardinals Club (Cardinals Games) - Ask any Cardinals fan what the best seats are at Busch Stadium and they'll instantly respond by arguing for the Green Seats behind home plate. Also kn...
  • Champions Club (Cardinals Games) - Located down the left field line at Busch Stadium, the Champions Club is one of the premier all-inclusive seating areas for a Cardinals game. Ticketho...
  • National Car Rental Club (Cardinals Games) - National Car Rental Club seats are located in sections 258-260 along the 3rd base line. While sections 258 and 259 are located outdoors, section 260 i...
  • Party Suites - While typically sold to large groups, Party Suite tickets are available in smaller quantities for select Cardinals games. The Suites can be found just...
  • Redbird Club (Cardinals Games) - The Redbird Club sections are located on the second tier of the stadium running from 3rd base, behind home plate, and through to 1st base. Ticketholde...

Bleachers Seating

  • Bleachers Seating - The Outfield Bleachers at Busch stadium run from right field to left center and are good options for fans that dream of catching a home run ball (stay...

Budweiser Brew House Deck Seating

  • Budweiser Brew House Deck Seating - Note: The Brew House Deck is not located inside Busch Stadium!On gameday, one of the best social scenes can be found at the Brew House restaurant just...

Cardinals All-Inclusive Tickets Seating

  • Cardinals All-Inclusive Tickets Seating - For Cardinals games there are a number of all-inclusive areas located within Busch Stadium.The Roof Deck and Scoreboard Patio are two of the larger ar...

Cardinals Nation Rooftop Seating

  • Cardinals Nation Rooftop Seating - Note: The Rooftop is not located within Busch Stadium!Fans looking for a unique experience at a Cardinals game need to look no further than across the...

Commissioners Box Seating

  • Commissioners Box Seating - The Commissioner's Box club seats are located in a single box in front of Section 141, just to the right of the Cardinals dugout. Besides for some of ...

Cardinals Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Cardinals Dugout - The Cardinals players sit in front of 142, 143 and 144
Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of 156, 157 and 158

Home Field Box Seating

  • Home Field Box Seating - Located on the lowest tier of the stadium, these infield seats are second in viewing experience only to the premium Cardinal Club seating directly beh...

Infield Pavilion Seating

  • Infield Pavilion Seating - The Pavilion Level shares the upper deck of Busch Stadium with the Terrace level, however Pavilion seating is located closer to the field. These seat...

Infield Terrace Seating

  • Infield Terrace Seating - The Terrace Level Infield is located on the highest deck at Busch Stadium and are the furthest set back of any sections at the ballpark. With some of...

Right and Left Field Loge Seating

  • Right and Left Field Loge Seating - Loge Level Outfield seating shares the same 200 level tier as the Club Level seats, but does not have access to club amenities.On the right field side...

Standing Room Only

  • Standing Room Only - The Standing Room Only section at Busch Stadium is located down the first base line in right field. You'll have a direct look at the right field foul ...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Busch Stadium Covered Seats
  • Early Afternoon - Busch Stadium is well known as one of the hottest stadiums in Major League Baseball. Especially during July and August temperatures can rise abov...
  • Late Afternoon - Although rare, the Cardinals do have some 3:05 PM games on their schedule. These games are always the most difficult to predict where the shade will b...

Obstructed Seating

  • Section 348 - The roof of the press box obstructs the view.
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Busch Stadium Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

A number of excellent seating options exist for fans visiting Busch Stadium. Among the most impressive are the seats on the club level between sections 241 and 257. Located on the second level of the stadium, these seats offer a true club-style view from just above the lower level. Each of these sections is located on the infield and will give fans unobstructed views of the field, scoreboard and even the skyline and arch.

One of the best aspects of Busch Stadium is the shape of the field on the 100 level. Infield seats are pushed farther away from the field, which allows seats down the left field and right field lines to angle towards home plate. This creates more comfortable sitelines towards the infield - where about 85% of the action takes place. Among these seats, our favorites are those down the left field line at the front of sections 164-166. These seats face home plate, which is unusual for seats not located in home run territory. They're also located just a few feet above field level and give you the feeling of playing the outfield for the Redbirds.

Other seats with a great view include seats behind home plate at the top of the 100 level or those at the front of the 300 level. Just be careful in the first two rows in the 300s - the railing will disrupt your view; you're better off in rows 3-5 where you have a clear siteline.

Rows 1-6 in Sections 241, 242, 244 and 245

  • Best elevated sitelines at Busch Stadium
  • Beautiful views of the arch and comfortable looks at the scoreboard

Rows A-F in Sections 164, 165 and 166

  • Outstanding angle towards home plate - right down the line
  • Close to field level giving you the same view the left-fielder has
  • Some of the best head-on looks into the Cardinals dugout

Best Seats for Views of the Arch

Busch Stadium offers some of the finest non-baseball views of any ballpark. Fans seated near home plate on any level of the ballpark are treated to outstanding vistas of the arch and downtown St. Louis.

For the best views of the arch, consider seats on the third base side of the field in the Terrace (300/400) Level. These seats provide some of the most beautiful head-on views of the arch, along with quality views of the field and the main scoreboard.

Sections 250, 251, 252 and 253

  • Best overall views of the arch and the right center-field videoboard
  • Elevated location also allows for more comfortable views of the game

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

The first seats that come to mind when Cardinals fans think about an impressive experience are the Green Seats located directly behind home plate. Not only do these seats give fans first-rate views of the field, they come with such conveniences as in-seat wait service and all-inclusive pricing; not to mention your chances of being on TV are very good.

One of the lesser-known all-inclusive areas at Busch Stadium is the Champions Club down the LF line. Like the Cardinals Club (Green Seats), ticketholders will enjoy all-inclusive food and drink and access to a private reception area. However, when compared to the Cardinals Club, tickets in the Champions Club are usually far more affordable. These seats also have the advantage of being protected from the rain and sun – a desirable feature during the hot St. Louis summers. The nearby Bank of America Club also offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and weather-protected seating.

Other impressive areas at Busch Stadium include the Redbird Club seats on the 200 level. While fans will have access to the climate-controlled club area and exclusive concessions, these seats do not include any wait service or all-inclusive pricing.

Finally, The Commissioner's Box seats located just to the right of the Cardinals dugout are among the most highly sought-after tickets for a Cards game. These seats give Cardinals fans the closest views of their favorite players, outstanding service and complimentary food and drink. Unlike other impressive areas; however, the Commissioner's Box is just a single section with ticket inventory extremely limited.

Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • All-inclusive seating areas
  • Your ticket includes food and drink
  • Tickets also include access to exclusive club areas

Sections 248, 249, 250 and 251

  • Access to the climate-controlled lounge and upscale concessions
  • Closest seats to the Redbird Lounge for quick getaways and breaks
  • Some of the best views of the field and the arch

Best Seats for Kids and Family

Generally speaking, fans at Busch Stadium are well-behaved and create a family friendly atmosphere. As a result, there aren't many seats that are off-limits for bringing the kids. Instead, you'll want to pay close attention to finding seats out of the sun (during day games) and seats that are close to the amenities kids frequent (concession stands and restrooms).

One area to visit before or during the game is the kids area in center-field near section 101. This fully-covered and shaded area offers kids a chance to take batting practice, test the speed of their pitch and enjoy healthy kid-friendly snacks. A new Build-a-Bear is also located nearby on the center-field plaza.

For families with a healthier budget, consider the top rows of sections 152-154. These sections are close to the Busch Stadium Build-a-Bear where your young one can build a Fredbird and take it home as a memory to cherish. Even if you don't want to spend the money on another stuffed animal, these sections are smaller than average so you'll have an easy time getting in and out to grab a snack or to take a bathroom break. As an added bonus, the views from these seats are among the best in the stadium.

If your budget is a little thinner, we recommend seats in sections 352-357 and 452-454 (choose the 400s for a hot or sunny day). These sections will receive shade long before seats on the first base side and are close to the main food plaza behind home plate. Once again, the views from these sections are also above average.

Among seats you want to explicitly avoid are those in RF and down the RF line on all levels. These areas get incredibly hot during day games and are directly in the sun in the early innings of summer games. If you're seated here or considering sitting here, be sure to pack the sunscreen and make sure everyone has a hat and sunglasses.

Rows 18-26 in Sections 152, 153 and 154

  • Small sections that make it easy to get to the concourse
  • Near the Build-A-Bear store in the stadium
  • Fans can make their own Fredbird to take home, great for children

Rows 5-9 in Sections 352, 353, 354 and 355

  • Within five rows of the section entrance for small climbs to the concourse
  • Close to the main food plaza and restrooms
  • Good views of the field and the arch

Rows 1-5 in Sections 452, 453 and 454

  • Within five rows of the concourse and main food plaza
  • Among the first seats to be shaded during day games
  • Lowest ticket price among seats near home plate

Best Seats for Partying and Socializing

With St. Louis being the home of Anheuser-Busch, it's not surprising that Busch Stadium has a number of areas that cater to beer-drinking baseball fans.

Before or after the game, consider stopping by Ballpark Village – the sports and entertainment hub of downtown St. Louis. There you'll find restaurants, bars, live radio shows and one of the largest television screens in the city. This is also the area where Rooftop and Deck seating has been added. Although they're technically not within Busch Stadium, these are ticketed seating locations with views of the game and additional amenities.

For fans looking to drink within the gates of Busch Stadium, there are no shortages of options. Nearly every lower level section is close to some combination of frozen drinks, premium liquor and, of course, Bud products. Left field, in particular, is close to a high concentration of adult beverages and is one of the best places to sit and enjoy a cold one at a Cardinals game.

Meanwhile, fans seated in the Left Field Porch sections will be close to the Bowtie Bar and Bottoms Up. This area features a large central bar, bar seating, table seating and drink rails – making it a preferred option among fans looking for room to socialize.

For fans seated on the 200 level, there are bars on either side of the field for Redbird Club ticketholders and a number of drink options near section 266 for non-club patrons. On the Terrace Level, most alcohol is purchased through common concession stands – though there is plenty of space to congregate on the concourse with friends while still keeping an eye on the game.

Sections CQ1, CQ2 and CQ3

  • Upscale bar located behind this section
  • Great place for socializing and still watching the game
  • Lots of televisions nearby for watching replays

Rows 11-25 in Sections 189, 191, 193 and 195

  • Close access to one of the best selections of beverages at Busch Stadium
  • Close to the 1876 Bar, Whiskey and Vodka bars and margaritas
  • Fun outfield atmosphere without as much direct sun as in RF

Best Seats for Getting a Ball

The sharp angles of seats down the line at Busch Stadium make it one of the more interesting ballparks for catching a foul ball. In particular, the seats known as the Dugout Boxes (132-139, 161-166) jut out towards the field and make them exciting places to sit when balls are fouled off. For fans on other levels of the park, seating on the infield does attract some souvenirs. However, note that some of the overhangs providing you shade will also prevent you from catching a ball.

The dugouts used to be a popular spot for getting a ball - as the players would typically toss some out before the game and between innings. But with the netting now extended to the ends of the dugouts, it is difficult to get a ball from these seats. Instead, consider the first ten rows of sections 141 and 159 which now receive a majority of these between-inning souvenirs.

As far as the fans are concerned, Busch Stadium is one of the most unfriendly ballparks for catching a home run. The large bullpens in left and right field swallow up a number of would-be souvenirs. For your best chance at going home with a longball, you'll want to find seats in one of the first five rows of the outfield. The dimensions of Busch Stadium, coupled with some space between the fence and fans, make it unlikely that balls reach any of the higher rows.

Rows 1-5 in Sections 127, 128, 171 and 172

  • Highest concentration of home run balls, especially in the first three rows
  • Sections 171-197 see the most homers from right-handers
  • Sections 127-128 see the most homers from left-handers

Rows A-L, 1-7 in Sections 133, 134, 135 and 136

  • Excellent angle towards home plate and seeing foul balls off the bat
  • In sections 135-140, be alert for foul balls from right-handed batters
  • In sections 161-165, be alert for foul balls from left-handed batters

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

St. Louis is known for having some of the most knowledgeable and friendly fans in all of baseball. It's not uncommon for visiting team fans to be warmly welcomed into Busch Stadium. As a result, almost any area of the ballpark is ideal for an away team fan – unless, of course, you're a fan of the Cubs.

If being close to your favorite players is your goal, you'll want to sit behind your team's dugout or near the visitor bullpen. Because the bullpens are located in the outfield, there is a large cost discrepancy between the two areas. If your budget allows it, first consider seats in sections 155-158 behind the visitor dugout where Row D is directly behind the players. For a cheaper option, try sections 189-193 in the left field bleachers where the visiting pitchers warm up before and during the game.

Rows D-L in Sections 155, 156, 157 and 158

  • Seats within 8 rows of the visitor dugout
  • See the players up-close as they warm up and enter/exit the dugout during the game
  • Outstanding views to all areas of the ballpark

Sections 189, 191 and 193

  • Watch the pitchers as they warm up in front of sections 189-191
  • Close to St. Louis local bar stands, including the Whiskey House and 1876

Busch Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Awesome Seats For Visiting Fans" - - Rows A and B are directly next to the visitor dugout - to the point where you can rest your arm on t...
    Section 158, Row B
  • "Beautiful First Row Redbird Club Seats" - - I have a pretty strict rule about not buying the first row unless it's at field level. But I wanted ...
    Section 257, Row 1, Seat 5
  • "Sit a Row or Two Back" - - Row 4 is the first row in this section. Unfortunately, the first row in the upper deck comes with th...
    Section 449, Row 4, Seat 13
  • "Fantastic All-Inclusive Amenities!" - - If you like all-in tickets with food and beer included and close, semi-private restrooms, these are ...
    Coca Cola Scoreboard Patio
  • "Great all-inclusive seats" - - Homers landing is a nice place to see a game if you dont want to worry about spending money on food ...
    Homer's Landing, Row A, Seat 32
  • "Maybe the Best Ticket Deal at Busch Stadium" - - There are a lot of positives about these seats. 300 level sections around the infield only have ten ...
    Section 345, Row 1, Seats 1-2
  • "This is the reason to go to a ballgame" - - Start off with the view. Foul ball haven at least 5 came within 20 feet of our seats. Took my wife a...
    Section 166, Row 14, Seats 5-8
  • "Padded seats behind the visitor dugout!" - - I purchased these tickets specifically because they were behind the White Sox dugout. These seats af...
    Section 158, Row 18
  • "Comfortable, but far from concessions" - - These seats offered really nice protection from the sun - especially during a day game in early Sept...
    Section 160, Row 33, Seat 8
  • "Loved the view from these seats!" - - This was the best game that I have ever attended and the best seats that I have ever sat in. I would...
    Left Field Porch 1, Row 130, Seats 5/6
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    Other Photos From Busch Stadium

    A view of the Budweiser Brew House across the street from Busch Stadium beyond left field.
    Rooftop seating across the street from Busch Stadium in Ballpark Village.
    The bleachers seats in right center are among the sunniest seats in the afternoon. This photo was taken at about 6:00pm in late July.
    All levels of seating down the right field line are susceptible to the sun - especially in the early evening. This photo was taken about an hour before a July night game.
    Looking towards home plate at Busch Stadium - as seen from the outfield.
    Pre-game at the Bowtie Bar, located on the second level of seating in left field.
    The main videoboard at Busch Stadium in right-center field.
    In addition to play areas, the family plaza in center field includes healthy, kid-friendly food.
    Homer's Landing is a covered seating area in right field which includes seating at a ledge over-looking the field.
    Busch Stadium's out-of-town scoreboard above sections 107-111.
    Busch Stadium is full of designated standing areas. This one, located close to the Bowtie Bar, is an ideal spot to have a beer while keeping an eye on the game.

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