Busch Stadium

"Comfortable, but far from concessions"

Seat Review From Section 160, Row 33, Seat 8
Sep 2014


These seats offered really nice protection from the sun - especially during a day game in early September. Good choice when there is a threat of rain, too as the seats are fully covered.

The view of the field is pretty good. The overhang does get in the way a little bit on popups, but they have TVs there for you to catch up. I've seen much more obstructed views without TVs, so that was a nice touch.

Seats are in the last row of a loooong row of seats. Between the shade and a slight breeze blowing through this row, they were quite comfortable.

The one thing holding these seats back is how far they are from concessions. Like I said, you're in the last row and the concourse is right behind you. However, a fence prohibits you from being a step away. Instead, you have to walk down multiple sets of stairs and weave your way to the concourse. What a pain!

Best for... being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, climbing stairs is difficult

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