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How many rows are there in Section 132 at Busch Stadium?

Sep 2013

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Section 132 has a total of 40 rows of seating which are separated into three portions of the section based on the proximity to the field. In the Dugout Box level of section 132 (closest to the field) there are 11 lettered rows, running from Row A (closest) to Row L (furthest). The next portion up from the field is the Lower Right Field Box rows, which run from Row 1 (closest) to Row 18 and followed by a wheelchair accessible row of seating (Row WC). Finally, he portion of Section 132 furthest from the field is the Right Field Box, which runs from Row 20 to Row 29.

Seating Structure in Section 132 at Busch Stadium
Section 132 features a total of 40 rows of seating across the three different portions of the Section (Dugout Box, Lower Box, Box)

Asked September 04, 2013 for Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals on Sep 7, 2013

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