Busch Stadium

"Fair or foul? You decide"

Seat Review From Section 131, Row 7, Seat 6
Jul 2016


Directly down the right field line just four rows from the field. You actually can't see the pitcher from this specific seat, which will drive you mad.

Cool experience at field level but that foul pole really is annoying in the lower rows.

Best for... Catching a home run

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you do not want a sun burn

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    • "Loved these seats!!"

      (Section 168) - -

      6:15 game on a very hot and humid Saturday night. Arrived by 5pm and the seats were already in the shade!! A very short walk to the concourse as well as restrooms. Great view down the line to home plate. Picture is panoramic to zoom in and take in the beautiful view!!

    • "Great Seats"

      (Section 138) -
    • "Really convenient for a person with bad knees."

      (Section 134) - -

      They are folding chairs and are comfortable, but would like some padding. I usually bring a pillow for my back.

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