Minute Maid Park

"Great View"

Seat Review From Section 112, Row 7, Seats 1-4
Jul 2013


Plenty of shade, good view of the video board, a good view of home plate and a great place to catch foul balls.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, impressing a guest, fans of the oppposing team, Catching a foul ball

Avoid if... you are bringing the family

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    Good view, we prefer 1st base side

    Sep 2015

    Section 112, Row 9, Seats 5-8

    Even with 3rd base 4 rows up from bad guys dugout, very little vendor activity.

    Row 5 is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Section 112.

    Section 112, Row 5

    Front of sections 112-126 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 112-126. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • "Great views near the dugout!"

      (Section 122) - -

      Really sweet views between the dugout and home plate. So close to the field with great views of everything. Seats were shaded at 6:00 in early April, which actually left them a bit chilly. But it beat having to hold your hand above your head, which most people in Sections 124-129 had to do before...

    • "Close to field, team dugout, exit and food."

      (Section 125) - -

      If you want a chance to catch a foul ball or get a quick bite to eat, then these seats are for you. There are plenty of places for a souvenir. And when the game is over your exit doors are just a few steps away.

    • "Great View of the Field"

      (Section 120) - -

      Great view of everything from these seats and near the Astros dugout. They were in the shade by 6:00 for a 7pm game, but will definitely be bright and sunny for a day game. Row 18 provides real good elevation to see the whole field, yet you still feel really close to everything being behind home ...

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