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The Bullpen Boxes at Minute Maid Park are a unique seating location in right field under the scoreboard. These are considered home-run seats, and the first 10 rows provide the best experience.

The Astros bullpen is in front of sections 155-156, while home run balls from left-handed batters are a common occurrence in sections 152-154.

These are some of the sunniest seats in the ballpark, but the overhead terrace provides shade for fans in rows 18 and above.

These are ideal seats for fans who want to save a little money on tickets and spend a little money on beers and concessions in the center-field plaza.

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Right above the Astros bullpen"

      (Section 155) - -

      These seats are located just above the Astros bullpen, which is a cool place to be during the late innings of the game watching the relievers warm up. But it was a bit disappointing as it is almost impossible to see down to the bullpen unless you are standing up at the seats. When sitting, the wal...

    • "Great view!!!"

      (Section 152) - -

      Great view, right up front to right field. Bathrooms are very close as well as several concessions.

    • "Tons of shade, but its like viewing through a tunnel"

      (Section 153) - -

      Located at the top of the 100 level seating behind right field, these seats are great for staying in the shade and out of the sun, but you pay the price when it comes to view. Row 25 is located at the very back of the section for quick access to the restrooms and concessions on the concourse, but t...

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