Shaded Seating at Minute Maid Park

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Shade and Cover FAQs

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

During most midday starts in the heat of the summer, the roof above Minute Maid field will be closed and the air-conditioned turned on keeping fans cool and comfortable.  But when open, fans can still find some relief provided by the closed roof structure and stadium overhangs.

The back rows of the Club level (Sections 205-236) offer some of the best protection from the sun and also provide an upscale concourse where fans can get more relief from the weather.  But for those on a tighter budget, most seating in Sections 408-415 on the upper deck get excellent shade from the closed roof, as well as the back half of Sections 150-156 beyond the right field wall which are well shaded by the 200 level seats above.

Right field shaded seating at Minute Maid Park
No matter the time of day, fans can always find shade in the well covered seating rows near the back of the right field lower level sections

Among the worst options for staying out of the sun are found in left field (Sections 100-105), as well as lower level seats near the right field foul pole (Sections 129-134) where fans will see more sun than any other seating area.

Shaded Seating For Events After 3:00

When the roof is open during an afternoon in Houston, fans will want to stick to the third base side of Minute Maid Park to find the relief from the sun.  Shade can be found on all levels of the stadium near the third base dugout as the sun shines more on the east side of the park (along the first base line).

Club level seating along the third base line is almost entirely in the shade for an afternoon first pitch, as well as Upper Deck Sections 408-417.  However if you prefer to sit with a closer view of the action, you can still find shade in many rows of Field Level Sections 109-116.  Just be sure to choose seats in Rows 12 and higher and you'll be left with good shade, and great views from right near third base.

Don't want the sun blaring in your eyes during the start of the game?  We recommend avoiding all seats down the first base line near the right field corner.  Sections 131-134 will see more sun than other section in the ballpark during an afternoon game.

Afternoon shade at Minute Maid Park
Fans near the right field corner will have the afternoon sun directly in their eyes, and are left looking across the field at all the shade along the 3rd base line

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