Minute Maid Park

"Great Value"

Seat Review From Section 421, Row 9, Seat 22
Oct 2018


I purchased 2 tickets in section 421 row 9 seats 21 and 22, which were aisle seats. Our row is only 22 seats. This was my 1st time ever at a baseball game and wanted to purchase affordable tickets for post season game. The view was excellent. I recommend this section because it has 0 obstructions to view. I do recommend to avoid rows 5 and 6. The AC condensation drips were falling on fans, not in an annoying way though.

No sun hits this section for a 3PM game. Don’t know what the breeze would feel like if it was an open roof day though - sorry. The A/C is not strong in this area but it did get cool.

I’ll definitely like to sit in the 323 section or further down in same area of course, since it is a home plate view. There were plenty of concession areas and a small store to purchase merchandise.

Lastly, there is a smoking balcony area and restrooms near section entrance. Stairs are closer than escalators, for those with waking limitations.

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big and Tall", climbing stairs is difficult

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    • "Miserable view through 2 sets of railings"

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      If you want to be able to lean back in your seat and watch an Astros game, this seat will NOT be for you. From this height and positioning at the front of the section, there are two sets of railings that impede your view down to the field (one at the front of the section, and another in front of th...

    • "AMAZING!"

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      I bought these seats for my dad on fathers day and he couldn't have been happier! besides seats 21-23 (where we put the girls) the view was great! The three seats above had some railing issues they said. The seats have a great view of the whole field, and an eye level view of the scoreboard. Conces...

    • "Good upper deck positioning spoiled by railings"

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      Directly behind home plate on the upper seating tier provides a good position to see most areas of the field, but the railings cause a big issue when watching the pitchers mound and batters box. The railing just in front of my seats as well as the railing in the section below were annoyingly in the...

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