Minute Maid Park

"The seats were fine, the view was good. More walking than I wanted to do though"

Seat Review From Section 427, Row 12, Seats 18-19
Apr 2016


We had a good view of the field from our seats. The crowd around us was a lot of fun, and the go food and atmosphere of stadium were stellar as usual. Go Astros!

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Watch out for the Pigeons!

    Apr 2014

    Section 427, Row 1, Seat 13

    Getting to these seats early was a mistake as the sun was blasting right into my eyes prior to the 7:10PM first pitch. And maybe the section had not been thoroughly swept out prior to the game, but there were a good number of pigeons hanging out nearby, one of which almost flew right into my head. But in terms of the view to the game, I don't know if it gets much more frustrating than this. The railings block out a large portion of the right side of the infield, and you can forget about being able to see home plate or the mound if sitting casually in the seat. The right field line and Astros dugout on the first base line are completely gone as well, and leaning far forward will be your only saving grace. The one cool thing that the railings do not block is the view of the Houston skyline, which is quite impressive from these upper level seats. Overall I would not recommend these front row seats, and would advise fans to look a few rows higher up to avoid the frustration caused by the railings.

    • "Completely obstructed view"

      (Section 408) - -

      Completely obstructed view of the pitcher's mound and home plate by the stair rail leading up to the section.

    • "Good view of the field, but......"

      (Section 411) - -

      These are good seats if it were not for the constant flow of people coming and going to their seats throughout the game. I would say we spent about 1/4 to 1/3 of the game not being able to see the pitch to the plate. We will never sit in these seats again.

    • "My seats were wet and water was dripping on me "

      (Section 406) - -

      My family and I were getting wet in our seats

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