American Family Field

"Good first base line view!"

Seat Review From Section 209, Row 11, Seat 15
Jul 2013


This seat was down the first base line and on the second level, which provided a good elevated angle to see all the action. I liked that my seat was toward the back of the section because I could easily get to the concourse to walk around and go to the concessions. The shade was very helpful because it was a hot day and I was fortunately able to stay cool.

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    Great elevated view!

    Jul 2013

    Section 209, Row 2, Seat 14

    From the second row of this section, I had a great view of the whole field and loved the angle that the second level gave me. The elevation was great because I felt like I could see everything and that I was in a perfect spot, but it wasn't too high so I didn't feel removed from the action. I would definitely sit in this seat again because it was a great place to see the game.

    • "Off to the side, but can still see everything"

      (Section 228) - -

      We were down the third base line quite a bit, so we had to reposition ourselves in order to comfortably see the field. We could see the jumbotron easily so that was helpful...also a view into home dugout. These seats are also hot on a sunny day!

    • "Good view"

      (Section 231) -

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