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section 211, row 17 seat view  - american family field

Features & Amenities

Located on the second tier up from the playing field and running from first base to third base, Loge Level Infield seats offer very good views for a baseball game, at a more affordable price than the lower level.

Also known as the Loge Infield Box, this seating area contains 18 total sections as it wraps from the Brewers side of the field (1st base), to the visitors side of the field (third base).

The first five rows of these sections are considered the Loge Diamond Box seats. There are no special amenities included with these seats. Many fans will prefer sitting closer to the front of the section which make these seats slightly more desirable.

Other Loge Box Section Details

Sections closer to the dugouts are larger with up to 21 rows of seating, while those behind home plate will be much smaller due to the Press Box located behind the seats.

These Loge Level sections behind home plate (216-221) feature just 10 rows of seating, making them a great option due to the smaller size (easier to access), and excellent viewing angles from behind home plate.

Section 217 is a designated family section, where alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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    Baseball Loge Infield Box Seating Chart at American Family Field

    Loge Infield Box Reviews

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      I was lucky to have a seat in the front row of this section and there was a ton of leg room in front of me. I could fully stretch out and put my legs on the railing in front of me, which made this seat very comfortable. The view was great too because I could see pretty much the whole field except ...

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      I love the 200 level as it always seems to be less cramped than the lower level, and the concourse is less hectic. Sitting in row 8 I had great views of the entire field and as a baseball fan I really appreciated the good combination of slightly elevated view and proximity to the field. Although I...

    • "Good seats"

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