The Loge tier is home to all the 200 level sections at Miller Park, and it consists of 4 different pricing structures. Loge Diamond seats are the best and most expensive of the Loge options, and are found in the first 5 rows of Sections 210 through 227. While these seats do not include any additional amenities, they do have very impressive views of the field.

Just behind the Loge Diamond seats are the Loge Infield Box seats, found in Rows 6 and higher in Sections 210 through 227 (these are the next best option on the Loge level). Loge Outfield Box seats are located in all the rows of Sections 206-209 and 228-232, and the final Loge option is the Loge Bleachers found in Sections 201-205 and 233-238 (Loge Bleachers are commonly the most affordable Loge area).