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"Comfortable and convenient"

Seat Review From Section 202, Row H, Seat 17
Sep 2014


My seat was near the back of the 200 level, so originally I was concerned that the large overhanging club seating deck above was going to be an issue for my view. But it turned out to be great and the overhang only became an issue on extremely high pop-ups and when I wanted to see the secondary video board in left field (which is pretty much cut in half by the overhang). But there are replay monitors mounted to the overhang for additional viewing, and I could still see the larger video board located above right center field decently as well.
The great thing about sitting here is how comfortable the seats were. The seats could have faced the infield more, but they seemed wide and comfortable, and were very nicely protected from the hot sun by the overhang. A nice breeze came through every so often adding to the comfort, and I was just three rows down from the concourse that was just above the section (which seemed to be just for the 200 level sections). Restrooms and concessions are incredibly close by for easy trips to and from the seats.
I would definitely sit here again as the comfort, convenience, and overhead protection are tough to beat.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being in the shade

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